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The rigorous and miraculous judgments of Ali (as) are so amazing that after centuries, the scholars and scholars of the universe still have astonished and dazed with these divine glares. Al-Haq, who was Ali, who was a person who, apart from God and his messenger, did not know him, and no flyer has reached the peak of his grace and perfection. He was the only human being: in the Ka’bazadeh and went to the altar of the right martyr. This book, translated by Amir al-Momenin Ali ibn Abitaleb, is compiled by: The Great Allameh, the Tireless Mujahideen; Ayatollah Hajj Sheikh Muhammad Taghi is a tragedy. For ease of study, this book is provided by the Religious Dialogue Society in the form of multimedia and without the need for installation and is congratulated on these occasions. The cost of receiving the book: Three Salavat begging for prayer
When Haytham returned home from some of the ghosts, after six months of his entire wife gave birth to a son. Haytham did not consider the child himself, and brought him to life and told the story. Omar ordered the woman to be stoned. Incidentally, before he was stoned to death, Amir al-Momenin (peace be upon him) saw him and became aware of the case. Then he said to Umar: The right woman should be told, because God says in the Quran: “The attack and the fasts of the throne, And from the 
sucking of the child, it is about six months, and in another verse it says: “The chiefs of the cornerstone of the great Hoolin; the mothers of their offspring are given milk for two whole years.” 
And when the twenty-four months of milking is reduced from six months, it lasts six months, which is the smallest period of pregnancy. 
Omar said: If Ali had no life, he would be destroyed and released the woman


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