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If you want a quick look at the history of security packages and the companies that have been working to ensure the security of the users over the years, one of the names that has come to be seen with the security provided to users through their software. Let’s take note of Avast! Avesteffair (formerly Alvill) is a Czech-owned company founded in 1991 by Edward Couser and Paul Baodis in Prague. An old company has been attracting a lot of users with Avast Free Antivirus s and Avast Pro Antivirus and Avast Internet Security and Avast Premier software that comes with different levels over the years.
The company has always tried to offer software that at the same time simply shows its ultimate power and stability against malicious files, and it should be said that it has been largely successful in doing so because of the latest survey. Various tests on the security packages of this company have been able to rank very high. The company’s three software products, the first one free and suitable for home users, is the second Antivirus Pro, which is a powerful antivirus software, and the latest product, called Internet Security, and almost all of the capabilities offered by the company. Take place on the manufacturer’s site. Our intention is to introduce two Internet Security and Antivirus Pro software. The new version of the newly introduced software has a completely different look than the previous version available to users, which, in addition to the greater attractiveness of the interface, increases the speed of access to various parts of the security package. . The use of new technologies is very appealing in both applications; the use of the Game Mode mode that appears in most new security packs is also easy to apply in both applications. Both of these software have powerful anti-virus capabilities that can fight against malicious files, but the difference between the two in more security Avast! Internet Security provides Internet connectivity, a powerful anti-spam and powerful firewall, which in addition to distinguishing this tool with Antivirus Pro, provides security for example users.
The continuous scan of the system is something that exists on both of these two devices, but this scan will not in any way impair system performance; another important point is the high speed of executing and finding malicious files as soon as the first malicious file is seen. The user can see how quickly the software detects it and to remove it, this is very useful for flash-based flash drives, which will act as soon as the system connects to find malicious files. These two software programs are Internet Security and Antivirus Pro, both of which are the latest versions provided by avast! They are downloaded to downloadable easy-to-use servers, so that the lovers of these security packages can make the most out of them.

Key Features of Avast Security Software:
– Antivirus and Anti Malware
– High Speed Scan System
– Continuous scan against various types of attacks
– Fast and low-level updates
– Game Mode mode for more software speed
– Scan network environment and clear the browser with anti-phishing
– Secure money system, anti-spam, double-fire firewall
– Scan for Spyware
– Powerful software firewall
– High security on networks as well as P2P networks
– User-friendly interface for software in the new version
– Ease of use of software
– Graphical mode and charts for malicious files
– Scan emails for Spam
– Compatible with various versions of Microsoft Windows operating system


Note: The use of shredded versions of the software due to their high importance will be risky for the user, an easy offer to download and purchase the legal license of Antivirus Avast and use it safely.

Download it is antivirus Pro 
download directly with its direct link

Download Antivirus Premium 
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Download Uninstaller Tool 
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Download Antivirus Free 
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Download It is a Secure Internet 
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Installation guide

– After downloading the program by WinRar , remove the files from the compressed state.
– Start the installation process by running the Setup.exe file.
– Enable the software legally.

– This software does not have any crack or activator, and now the only legal way to use it is to purchase the legal license of this software.


Manufacturer: AVAST Software sro –
English name: Avast
Price: $ 49.99 (for information only)
Version: v18.5.2342 Build 18.5.3931
File Size: 151, 189, 205, 205 MB
Author: Mehdi
Release Date: 18:57 – 20-06-2018 – (1397/3/30)
Rating: 5.0


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