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CentOS , a distribution based on RHEL source code, released its latest version of the Series 7. CentOS v7.0.1406 v6.5 is based on RHEL and RHEL are also more like to Enterprise environments are used. St. OS CentOS Linux distribution based on Red Hat’s commercial distribution is developed and supported by the community. The name of St. Oes stands for the Community ENTerprise Operating System. According to the website web technology surveys in 2011 St. OS with more than 30% of Linux servers in the first place most Linux for web sites were analyzed, the survey in 2012 Sntavs with the fall of one percent and a short journey to the distribution of Debian As the second most popular distribution for web server sites.
This powerful distribution of Linux servers, which has gained popularity over the years and has come to fruition, is not at all a good time these days. The eight-month lag of this version of CentOS is a compelling reason for system administrators to roll over to another Linux distribution. But more important than that, there was a huge delay, the lack of updates for previous releases. For example, version 5.6 did not update for several months. To all of this, add a rigorous competitor called Scientific Linux.
CentOS, which released its free discs for at least a month after the release of Red Hat’s releases, this time in its release of the sixth edition saw an eight-month delay, with more rumors of stopping the development of CentOS and the difference between its developers Take strength. In the meantime, Scientific Linux, which was always aligned with CentOS, but was in the shadow of this powerful server distribution, and nobody paid attention to it, continued its path like a tortoise, slowly and steadily, to end this long-running CentOS He finally made use of it and brought many fans to it. 
But whatever, the CentOS 6th edition was released. Of course, sometime before the release and with a lot of pressure, users eventually announced that the CentOS development team would release this version after the release of the first release of RHEL 6 and eventually the same.
Although many CentOS users and users have little hope of continuing to develop this distribution and have gone to alternative similar distributions, however, however, nowadays a large percentage of servers use this distribution. So I invite you to explore the latest version of CentOS. 
CentOS 6 is released in the form of two DVDs and no other CDROM versions. Of course, some special editions of the CD, including a version that includes the basic programs required to be installed, are published in the form of a CD. The LWS server-style CD-ROM is a CD-ROM with a much smaller volume and number of packs than other versions, even the live disk version, which only includes the kernel and a number of other packages for installation and ssh. This version is only suitable for installation on high speed Internet servers, and other services and applications required by ssh will be installed.

It should be noted that the i386 version is only available on 32-bit CPUs and X86_64 versions only on 64-bit CPU


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Manufacturer: CentOS – 
English Name: CentOS 
Version: v7.5-1804 x86 / x64 
File Size: 4080, 7130 MB 
Release Date: 09:27 – 29-08-2018 
Score: 5.0


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