Download Comodo Internet Security Premium v12.2.2.7036 – complete security package of Komodo company


The most complete free security package available on the market with the best and most powerful firewall in the world with full support of Persian sweet language and provide updates to Iranian users! Today, most of our users are familiar with software that comes with the name Internet Security. Different security software companies typically provide a version of Internet Security, one of the software companies that has been operating for a number of years, and has been able to operate with its own power over the years. Comodo is also known as the “Comodo”. This software company is offering COMODO Internet SecurityThe most complete security package developed by this company has been able to greatly promote itself among the users and as one of the most powerful ones, except for the first choices for security. This security package, which is a combination of antivirus, firewall and all the necessary security tools, can scan the system at high speed and protect any malicious files. This incredibly powerful security package that has won numerous awards from the most reputable journals and labs, uses the latest technologies and updates to quickly identify the latest malicious files and take them to destroy them. A 360-degree scan for the firewall in COMODO Internet Security software will completely block the hackers’ penetration. The new design and ease of use of the software in finding malicious files and removing and destroying them is one of the most important features defined in this software. The third version, which has just been released, is a new and useful change for users. We recommend downloading this version from easy download servers and enjoying the security that you will experience with COMODO Internet Security.

Key Features of Comodo Internet Security:
– Using the latest technology in cloud computing and online scanning
– Getting the most powerful anti-virus and world’s most powerful firewall
– Quick updates and advanced protection against new and unknown malware.
– High speed system scanning and execution of unknown and dangerous files in the virtual environment
– Powerful firewall and 360 degree scan with intrusion prevention system
– Attractive user interface and sweet Persian language support
– Ease of use of software as Absolutely free
– Continuous scan of the system and rapid detection of flash memory
– Compatible with distorted versions The popular Microsoft Windows operating system



Download software with direct link – 80.4 MB

Download Comodo Antivirus online installation with direct link
Download Comodo Firewall online installation with direct link
Download offline update with direct link

Password For File:

Installation guide

– After downloading the program by WinRar , remove the files from the compressed state.
– Run the software and use it without limitation.
– To enable offline software update in the checkbox? At the top of the software, in the about section on get help, click the improvr virus database option in the popup window and give the URL and file location the offline update to the program


Manufacturer: Comodo Group, Inc –
English name: Comodo Internet Security
Version: V11.0.0.6606
File Size: 71.6 MB
Author: M.
Published: 18:37 – 18-07-2018 – (1397 / 4/27)
Score: 5



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