Download Elementary OS v0.4 Loki x64 – A fast and completely open source replacement for Windows and Mac


Linux Elementary OS Luna is another Linux distribution. This operating system based on the Ubuntu operating system and tried to make the operating system very light, efficient and very attractive. The Linux operating system, like the Ubuntu operating system, supports a lot of tools, and Ubuntu has a toolbar, so you can easily install and run your own tools. This is a loose desktop from Gnome called Pantheon. Panone tries to integrate various tools together and give the user a better experience. 
Elementary design:
The most interesting thing to do in the first days is to deal with it. Elementary is strangely attractive and fluid. Design of the desktop This distribution includes a nearly opaque panel at the top and a lower dock platform, which is likely to be similar in other distributions like Xubuntu. But the thing that makes elementary special is integrated design, strong user experience, flat board design (not something like Windows 8) and the right use of white when your Android and Windows Phone are drowned in black. I have to admit that elementary is largely inspired by Apple’s OS X, so much that it’s even fooled, to the point that I think will be more similar in future versions of OS X!
Elementary is also full of simple animations for moving and resizing windows, seeing them not waste, not confused with head, not getting tired of them, or wasting system resources that would cause lag. 
But all of these definitions do not mean that the elementary gives you a perfect design; I do not think that after the standard change of the pages to 16: 9, the use of the navigation platform at the bottom of the page is correct, and I would prefer that, like Unity The developer is on the left side of the image to give the user a more efficient use of space. 

Elementary is a Ubuntu-based distribution, and thanks to the Ubuntu Software Center, you can easily install your favorite software, however, in this review, I’ll only allow the default software to be installed.
Default software is one of the most important elementary distribution features because, unlike the current trend in many distributions, the elementary team has designed almost all of the original software from zero to be more consistent with design philosophy. Elementary software is written entirely with Vala, a derived language of C, so that it can occupy a lesser amount of system resources in addition to being usable.
Midori is the default elemental browser that may not be compatible with Firefox or Chrome, but it’s much lighter and easier to handle. File management is also done in the Mann-art with the Files app, which does not have many of the main features, such as file searches, but at least very fast. Almanetri also uses the Switchboard utility for system settings that does not make much difference with similar programs in GNOME and Ubuntu. Email management is also done with the Geary app from the yorba team, which has a great user interface in addition to its high speed, and finally music apps, calendar and text editor, all three with an externally integrated elementary environment and functional features in this distribution as before. Assumed. 
Elementary OS Luna quotes free-way 

QM’s key features:
– Fast and completely open source replacement for Windows and Mac 
– Lightweight and fast … Fully community-oriented and in a truly prestigious design and appearance 
– A fast, minimal maintenance platform that can be installed almost everywhere 
– A powerful and robust operating system Even on old computers it works well 
– safe and secure: a program that empowers the US defense organization, the banking system of China, and … powerless 
– without ads, without spyware


Download Spray traps 64-bit version with direct links – 1.25 GB

Password For File:

Note: Please avoid blank spaces during copy or write password by typing.

Installation guide

– After downloading the program by WinRar , remove the files from the compressed state. 
– Save the Image.iso file with the Iso Burner software on a raw DVD. 
Restart your computer and install Windows.


Manufacturer: Elementary Os – 
English name: Elementary OS 
version: v0.4 Loki x64 
File size: 1250 MB 
Published: 13:57 – 30-10-2016
Rating: 5.0



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