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Maybe you’ve been among the people who wished you had a fully functional operating system on a flash drive or CD without having to install it! The loss of the operating system suddenly and lack of time to reinstall and access valuable information are factors that encourage users to use this operating system. Now easy to download Another version for the first time in Iran, introduces one of the most complete Live operating systems with special functionality, for the benefit of the users and the practical use of it … Elive
operating system is an operating system full for a variety of home computers and laptops in emergencies. On the other hand, the operating system is based on the very stable Debian Linux kernel (Debian GNU / Linux) and has been released based on specific and optimized changes to meet the needs of the user. The full version of Elive can be the perfect substitute for the current operating system of the user with special features. The most attractive feature of this operating system is its compatibility with the lowest hardware specifications, as a system with a 100 MHz processor and 64 MB of RAM. The duration of the installation of this operating system is only the duration of copying it to a flash drive or CD via the software in the package, and after that, in just under 30 seconds you can launch the operating system from the flash.
The great purpose that the operating system has been pursuing by its creators is to create a highly secure, stable, powerful, high-performance environment, and can be installed on an old system with an awesome user interface that stares at the eyes of any viewer. Makes. The true stability of the Elive OS has been to keep the operating system running for a very long time, without any problems, and never get any big problems. The high speed of processing and execution, the failure to deal with successive and unexpected errors, a very secure environment, and far from viruses, malware, and malware, is a guarantee of this. The Elive OS comes pre-installed with pre-installed software for the benefit of the users. The software includes Office tools, multimedia tools, and even some games. In this operating system, the user can easily watch his favorite videos with new video formats, professional audio, and video editing, creating more quality images, adding effects, and even making structural changes. On the other hand, it can create and burn your favorite DVD movies with the menu required, or even add your favorite soundtrack to the desired video file (no need to install any editors). On the other hand, the Elive OS allows its users to create 3D animations. use, On the other hand, the Elive OS allows its users to create 3D animations. use, On the other hand, the Elive OS allows its users to create 3D animations. use software open source in this operating system, paves the way for this operating system and is an important factor in expanding and growing popularity. This means that the user can easily access the source code of the operating system without any restrictions, even optimize them, or make the changes you want. It’s interesting to know that the Elive operating system is designed solely for the satisfaction and pleasure of the users and has not taken any material aspects of its work, and this has been the basis for the success of this operating system. (The slogan of Elive builders is based on the fact that the Elive operating system is only art and is not merely a commitment and duty.) It should be noted that the Elive operating system is not designed only for novice users of the Internet and its basis is Fixing the need for professional Internet users has also been. It’s important to know that the portable version (portable on flash or CD) of the Elive operating system is merely a demonstration of its overall features and includes all the features and features in the version installed on the flash drive or The CD is not visible, and if you enjoyed this valuable operating system, you can fully install and fully utilize the full version with all its features. In fact, the operating system that is currently in your possession is very interesting and powerful, with some special and very practical features, on flash memory (called the Elive Stable version).

General introduction to Elive OS: 

operating system: The Elive operating system is a release based on Debian, with the difference that the Elive stable and recent packages have been replaced by Debian sections with its upgraded and optimized modifications. (More than 500 packages have been optimized, added, or made significant changes.)
Enlightenment Developed and enhanced:
Enlightenment management window provides a desktop with fast and light access properties and a highly flexible environment that delivers, With all the resources needed to run daily programs, the user follows. The Elive operating system includes E16 for speed and durability, along with a specific E17 version of CVS.
Intuitive Feature:
The Elive operating system has been released for easier and simpler use of the Linux operating system, based on optimized changes, which brings the experience of the most power and speed to experienced users. This operating system is in a fully configured environment with user-friendly tools focused on a single control panel for easy system management.
One of the most important goals of Elive is to have high speed and easy to use. In this operating system, the user can operate in the usual way that he previously controls the system, or can control it with different options in different ways. Just by pressing a simple key, the user can access and open the software or any other desired action. In this operating system, you can resize, symbolize the windows, and move or change the desktop in the shortest possible time.
Minimum hardware specifications:
The minimum hardware required to run Elive is a 100 MHz CPU and a 64 MB RAM. But at least the recommended hardware for the best operating system is a 300 MHz CPU and 128 MB RAM. The operating system requires no special graphics card or graphics accelerator, three-dimensional, and is also fully compatible with regular graphics.

Top Features of the Elive Stable
version: The new version of the operating system includes a large list of optimizations for the easiest and convenient use of any spectrum of users, and the OS does not have users who have not had the experience of using Linux Elive. They are recommended. Using the e17 in this release can provide all the personalization and desirability of the user to make changes and new appearance on the operating system.

Valuable changes and features added in this release include:
– The ability to run directly from a CD or flash drive without the need for installation (all you have to do is put the CD in the CD-ROM or insert the flash memory in USB port and boot from it.)
– Ability to install any APT or Synaptic interface package in LiveCD mode!
– The ability to recognize all kinds of hardware and automatic and instantaneous compatibility with them
– Changes in Autolaunchers and its full rewrite, which have a stable system with more features
– Changes in user settings and adding new settings such as Touchpad and FIXME direction More compatibility
– Change the kernel to version with support for specific hardware and other features like tuxonice (Hibernation, reiser4, etc.).
– The ability to use Compiz features directly and without the need for a specific version of the OS Elive
– Support for 3G phones with support for 364 providers for each country
– Pretty look and feel more attractive than previous versions
– Support for Bluetooth and auto user authentication
– Trayer (to identify the position and status of software on the desktop and control it)
– Support for shared folders called Samba that are used directly and easily in Elive. .
– Has OSS compatibility for unknown games and games that Alsa does not support.
– Entrance Autologin
– Supports Broadcom 43xx network with 2 selectable drivers
– Ability Audio Configurator to select the desired sound card (if you have more than one sound card is installed.)
– Ability to select and identify manual and automatic card Graphic
– with Kernel especially powerful with support for 4 GB of RAM and CPU 64-bit
– Supports different languages and the world today (Eltrans can also be used to translate other languages of this operating system)
– and other great features that you will be familiar with while working with this fascinating OS


with direct link – 687 MB

Password For File:

Note: Please avoid blank spaces during copy or write password by typing.

Installation guide

– After downloading the program by WinRar, remove the files from the compressed state.
– burn the iso file with Iso Burner or Nero on a raw DVD or install it on the flash drive via the Elive USB Installer.
Restart your computer and run the operating system boot.
Installation method on USB:
Run the Elive USB Installer software, then click on (…) in the Disk Image section and give the image file to the software. In the lower part of the software (Type) you must select USB Drive from the drop-down menu. Then in the Drive section, select the flash drive and press the OK button and wait for it to be fully installed on the flash. (At least one gigabyte flash is required.)


Manufacturer: EliveCd
File size: 687 MB
Release Date: 16:00 – 05-03-2013

required system

You can run Elive directly from the CD without the need to install it. Just put the CD in the drive and reboot. Ability to install any package via apt or synaptic in liveCD mode! (UnionFS featured)



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