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Emsisoft Internet Security SoftwareAn exceptional security package that brings complete security to the computer operating system. This software can protect your computer against any security threats such as viruses, trojans, spyware and more. Emsisoft uses a 3-layer security system, with its two main engines, antivirus and firewall (or firewall). One of the most used uses of this security package is protection when surfing the Internet, and especially the malware malware preview system. If the Internet sites (whether domestic or foreign) behave in an intrusive manner or contain malicious code, they will be placed in the blacklist of the software and blocked. Emsisoft’s dual engine can detect more than 10 million malware.

Key features of Emsisoft Internet Security software:
– Complete system security with dual-engine processing
– Three-layer protection system capable of finding over 10 million viruses
– Detection and destruction of all types of viruses and malware, malware and more. .
– blocking professional fake sites and infected with the virus
– a firewall and check and prevent Spmr display
– complete protection of your system against malware and attach malicious
– maintain full security users when surfing Internet
– Identify Chrome and Firefox browser extensions malware and more …
– Supports multiple languages, including Farsi, Persian language
– Supports various versions of the popular Microsoft Windows operating system
– and more


download software version Direct Internet Security – 235 MB
download software version of Anti-Malware Links – 235 MB

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Manufacturer: EmsiSoft –
English Name: Emsisoft Internet Security
Price: $ 24.97 (for information only!)
Version: v12.2.0.7060
File Size: 246, 246 MB
Author: Seyyed Hamid Reza Mousavi
Publish Date: 10:00 – 07-01-2017 – (1395/10/18)
Rating: 4.5

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