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It has come to you that you want to repair your computer or give someone else a limited time and worry about your important and confidential information. And you would like others to not have access to your private and confidential files. And maybe it’s used by many in your computer’s home and you do not want others to have access to your information. In this situation, you’re thinking of encryption on your personal information.

And you’re worried about which software you use to do this, which, in addition to simplicity, has a very high power against the influence of others on your files. If you are a worry-free user and worried about whether your software has enough power to do this. 

We provide you Folder Protect softwareWe propose. Folder Protect is a powerful tool for protecting confidential information, personal files, drives as well as your programs. 

You can also use this powerful software to erase your data and also allow you to write and access people to your confidential information. You can hide your files amazingly from other perspectives. You can also use the Encryption on your folders and your information restricts access to others and even protects your information even if you delete information and you can only access information. 

By installing this software, you are not worried about losing information and changing your information by others, and password protected folders are not accessible even with the removal of other software. By providing multiple options, this software will help you to set your own protection level. For example, your file is non-removable or unwritten on the file, and the software can fully support the following extensions. Extensions such as * .avi, * .gif, * .jpeg, * * .mp * , * .docx, * .ppt, * .pptx, * .htm, * .html, * .php, * .css, * .cpp, * .asp and * .js and … All these steps are easy. It is possible and you can only protect your files with a simple click.

Key Features of Folder Protect:

– Encryption on files, folders, drives, extensions, installed software 
– Windows privatization and file security 
– Very high file lock speeds – 
Different security ratings and level definitions. Security 
– Hides files, folders, drives, etc. 
– Supports FAT, FAT32, and NTFS drives and 32 and 64 bit Windows 
– Irrevocable , irreplaceable, unrecoverable, hidden files 
– Protecting files, folders, and drives by password 
-protecting them – Protecting an unlimited number of files 
– Protecting your files in WinDows and Dos, and even in When removing software 
– Compatible with various versions of the popular Microsoft Windows operating system


software download direct link – 4.6 MB

Password For File:

Installation guide

– After downloading the program by WinRar , remove the files from the compressed state. 
– Before installing the software, disconnect your internet connection and then install the software. 
– Run Keygen.exe from the Keymaker folder and click on the Generate button. Then execute the application and use the serial received from Keygen and the desired name and email of the register. 
– Run the software and use it without limitation.


Manufacturer:, Inc. – 
English name: Folder Protect 
Price: $ 39.95 (for information only!) 
Version: v2.0.6 
File size: 4.6 MB 
Release Date: 12:00 – 05-09-2018 
Score: 5.0



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