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Defeat Babylon by Lingos, Free translation into 80 languages! Supports 80 different languages, translating texts by several services, translating online to your liking, excellent upload speeds compared to Babylon software and the ability to use all of the features as a 100% free of charge features that make forgotten with Babylon. do!
These days, less user can be found who has not heard Babylon! As you know, Babylon is one of the most famous word-and-phrase translator programs in the world, which enables you to see translations of your favorite words and texts in most languages. It also provides other unique features such as scale conversion, word pronunciation, and more. Babylon software has been published among users around the world for many years and has been able to attract a lot of users. So that even the cracked versions of it are visible in Iran on any computer.
But recently, users who have illegally used cracked versions of this software have encountered problems, one of which is to see the message of the end of the license to use the software! Since these days large sites such as Google, the free online translation service with support for the different languages of the world, doing this by Babylon is a little weird, and this has caused the software to replace the program, a good situation. And get to know users that one of these programs is the powerful Lingoes software . 
Dictionary 80 Tabs :
Lingos is a powerful multilingual dictionary that enables you to translate 80 different languages into the world! With the help of features such as full-text translations, word translations on the screen, translation of texts selected by the mouse pointer and the human pronunciation of words, and the support of free-of-charge free-of-charge dictionaries that have been updated daily, So much to attract. 
Translator Text 34 Tabs! :
As you said, one of Lingos’s unique features translates your various texts into other languages using online translation services. Unlike other software like Babylon, which only used one or two online translation services, this software enables you to use among the 13 online translation services like Systran, Promt, Cross, Yahoo, Google, Altavista … Translate the texts you want. So if you think the translation of your text using Google Translate service is not well understood, you can translate it with one click with one click! So much of the problem with machine translation is solved and you can easily translate your expressions with a simple click using several translation services and compare them with the best and most complete translation. 
Bidder’s translation :
One of the other features that allowed Babylon software to be a lot of users was the ability to translate words with one click on them. This way everywhere in Windows you would like to press one of the keys specified to run Babylon, and the software automatically detects and translates the text under your mouse pointer. Lingoes software also captures this functionality more accurately in order to attract users. In this way, with the help of this program, you can easily and without the need to type the words you want, simply by placing the mouse pointer on them and selecting the shortcut keys to view the expressions. It is also possible to view translated phrases after they are selected or after copying them to Windows temporary memory. Thus, even for the translation of texts, it does not need to copy the text in the Lingus program, but only by selecting or copying the texts in the Windows temporary memory, the software runs automatically and translates the text for you shows. Also, the noteworthy points in this section is the excellent speed of the software in the display of the translation window, so comparing the loading of this window with Babylon software shows that this program is at least 5 times faster than Babylon and does not drop any speed drop on the user’s computer. Has no connection.
Machine and human
pronunciations : The pronunciation of a machine of words and phrases is another feature that can be found in various software such as Babylon and even Google’s translation service, but Lingos also uses the ultimate in creativity in addition to the ability to pronounce words and Machine expressions have added human pronunciations to their software. If you ever wanted to learn the correct pronunciation of Babylon, but learning wrong machine pronunciations had forgotten the use of this feature, you can learn the best pronunciation with Lingos, because the human pronunciations of this software are very precise And it will enable you to get acquainted with the correct pronunciation of words. 
Free use of dictionaries :
Another success of the Babylon software was that the software itself was provided as a user interface for the use of various dictionaries, and users could download and use the various dictionaries according to their needs from the software site. In Lingos, the same way is the way, but there’s also a very important difference here, which is the free use of software and all available dictionaries for it. So even for the use of dictionaries like Webster, Oxford, etc., you will not need to pay any fees or get permission, and you can only use the dictionaries you need to download the files you need. 
Being online :
Other features of Lingo include connecting to online services and dictionaries. As such, even if you have not installed multiple dictionaries, you can translate your words and phrases into different languages around the world by utilizing online communications that is nowadays found through any ADSL Internet. Connectivity to the Wikipedia encyclopedia supports 9 languages and over 500,000 / 500 articles are also other features of this software. 
Side features :
Since Lingo software is one of the best known and similar software with Babylon, in this article, we compared all the features of this software with Babylon, and it was also found that Lingo was more successful than Babylon and provided better features for users. have given. Other parts that are compared to Lingo and Babylon are also side-features. Features such as currency conversion, conversion of units of length, weight, volume, distance, temperature, energy, pressure, list of telephone numbers of countries of the world, clock and date display in different parts of the world, international phonetic alphabet, periodic table, calculator, coding and decoding Based on the Base 64 algorithm, the MD4, MD5, and SHA-1 algorithm converters, abbreviations and irregular verbs are among the features that are provided by default with the software installation and are much more complete than the features that Babylon software provides. More functional. It is also possible to add more features like games to the site of this software.
Israeli spies! :
In the end, it’s not bad to know that Babylon software with all the features and capabilities provided to users is an Israeli-backed software that was identified by Microsoft in 2010 as a malware-based software and for some time its Microsoft security software Was identified as a malware until Babylon changed its way of working and was removed from the malware software list, but evidence suggests that Babylon continues to steal its user information and, whenever necessary, Without permission Users use the holes in their system to send their information, messages, and … to their computer, which sends an example of these messages along with phone numbers for the purchase of this software, many users over the past few months on the computer. Have seen themselves.
If you want to disable unauthorized access to your computer, use more software and better upload speeds, and do not worry about unauthorized use of commercial applications, we suggest downloading the latest version of this free software to download the free software. Use it one day to see what this software is capable of providing some great features

Download Links 

download software 32-bit version with direct links – 13.4 MB 
download software 64-bit version with direct links – 16.7 MB 

Data Dictionary General Aryanpour English to Persian of 50259 words 
Download Links – 1.6 MB 

Data Dictionary English-Persian Advanced With 15,7184 Direct 
Download Links – 10.2 MB 

General Information Persian to English with 113328 Direct 
Download Links – 5.5 MB 

English-English Dictionary Merriam Webster with 92056 words with definitions, terms and phrases 
Download Direct Link – 33 MB 

data dictionary Ferrand He and English to Farsi with 10704 word 
downloadDirect Link – 1.7 MB 

Data Dictionary English to Farsi legal with a 4851 word 
Download link – 344 KB 

Data Dictionary English-English Longman with 43,169 words with definitions, terms and expressions 
Download Links – 9.3 MB 

The application’s package includes 10836 
downloaded direct links – 25 


Installation guide

– After downloading the program by WinRar , remove the files from the compressed state. 
– The software is free and after installation and run it can be used without limitation.


Manufacturer: Lingoes Project – 
English Name: Lingoes 
Version: v2.9.2 
File Size: 13.4 + 16.7 + 1.6 + 10.2 + 5.5 + 33 + 1.7 + 9.3 + 25 MB 
Author: Mahdi 
Release Date: 09:50 – 18-08-2014 – (1393/5/27) 


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