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Software Ascension prayer, work organization Yassin media, including video tutorials prayer, 29 lectures on prayer, a prayer and meditation, the full text of 17 books on prayer and answers to prayer is. (Product of the representative of the Supreme Leader in Universities) The most important parts of this software are “Video tutorials including ablutions, ablutions, ablutions, ablutions and ablutions, along with Hojatoleslam Panahian lectures”, “29 parts of the verses of the great verses of Javadi Amoli and Mesbah Yazdi and Hajj Islam Qomi, Ansariyan, Hashemi Nejad and a reading about prayer “and” The full text of Rasa’s book

Key Features of Prayer Projection Software:
– Abluance video tutorials include the proper way of ablution, ablutions, ablutions, ablutions, ablutions, along with lectures of Hajjatalslam Pahayan
– 29 lectures from the great verses: Javadi Amoli, Mesbah Yazdi and Hajj al-Islam: Qomi, Ansariān, Hasheminejad and A prayer reading
– The full text of the book of the student treatise from the lectures section of the Education and Promotion Dept. includes 544 questions in accordance with the Ten Commandments of the Ten Commandments with the possibility of searching and printing
– The collection of supplications and chants: Includes full text and complete translation of the prayers of the holy month of Ramadan. The week, the proclamations of khums, the pilgrimage of Al Yasin, Ashura, Arbaeen, the heirs and prayers of Kamil, the covenant, the wailing, the custom E, Goshan the Great, Misholv, Khaybar and … along with the voice
– The full text of 17 books on prayer including Hojatoleslam reading books, as well as written ones such as: esoteric traditions and spiritual secrets of prayer, prayers, comprehensive verses and theatrical subjects of prayer, volumes 1 and 2 of the depths of prayer and … with the possibility of searching and printing
– Prayer series in Quran and hadiths include: 73 verses of the Quran with the theme of prayer and 40 hadiths from the infallible Imams about the importance and place of prayer
– a collection of prayer prayers: includes prayers during the week of prayers in the months of Rajab, Sha’ban, Ramadan, Shawal, Dhi Al-Qaeda, Dhi al-Hijah and … and prayers such as night prayer, prayer for the remission of sins, prayers for prayer, prayer and … with the possibility of searching and printing
– 100 hints Yet about prayer with the possibility of searching and printing
– 176 questions and answers about prayers with the possibility of searching and printing
– 45 beautiful images of nature and landscapes for use in the background
– 40 hadiths about prayer with printing possibility


Direct Link Software – 605 MB

Password For File:

Note: Please avoid blank spaces during copy or write password by typing.


Installation guide

– After downloading the program by WinRar , remove the files from the compressed state. 
– To install the application on the computer, install [Virtual CloneDrive-2MB] 
– After installing this program, a virtual drive will be built into your Windows Virtual CloneDrive (accessible from Windows My Computer) 
Right-click on this virtual drive and open the image.iso file from the Virtual CloneDrive / Mount folder 
– you can now install the software by clicking on the virtual drive. 
Note: In Windows 7 after installation, right-click on the software icon to run the software and click Run as Administrator.


Manufacturer: Yassin Media – 
English Name: Meraj Namaz 
File Size: 605 MB 
Published: 21:41 – 08-12-2013 



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