Download Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2013 SP1 v15.0.4953.1000 + v15.0.4945.1000 July 2017 + 2010 SP2 v14.0.7179.5002 + 2007 SP3 Build v12.0.6607.1000 Volume + 2003 SP3 – Microsoft Office software


There is no doubt that Microsoft is the largest and most powerful software company in the world; a company that has been able to attract many users around the world for many years to come; Windows is the main part that Microsoft is always maneuvering on, but The same Windows occasionally has been a failure of Microsoft, where, for example, Vista did not meet the demands at all, and soon became available to Windows 7, which is now much more popular than other operating systems. One of Microsoft’s most famous products is the Office Pack. A great bundle that has always been proud of the makers and has been able to bring more users from version 97 to 2010. Perhaps one of the reasons is Office, but the reality is that the Microsoft Office suiteIt is always special and complete, so that it’s almost impossible to consider it or even name it. Various versions of the Office suite have been upgraded from the past so that after Office 2007 was introduced, there was a dramatic change in Office, and Office 2010 made it more complete, and now, after almost three years, Microsoft released a number of noises from Office 15. To show again, Office is the best choice for all users. The newly released Office 2013 is almost identical to the 2007 and 2010 versions, with the difference that new features have been added to which the inequities, if not for the first time, provide such features as a software company; there are plenty of users available. Surrounded by.
The most important point for Office 2013 is the special coordination with the next generation of Windows, Windows 8, which is both visually and in other parts of the system with a special compatibility with this operating system. The ability to use this setup on other operating systems, such as iOS and Android, allows users to simultaneously edit and review documents, are among the most important features that are featured in this release. Microsoft, in addition to the old systems, now has a variety of options for tablets and adds more touch functionality to Office so that it can take over the past.
Office 2013 is much more intuitive in terms of visual effects, making it much easier to access the options; simplicity of access is even evident in tablets and in general, touch-based systems. Of course, the tip of this version might be the installation of Office only on Windows 7, 8 and tablet versions. Added ability to put videos online on documents prepared with this version of Office also excite users to deliver content in a variety of ways.
Viewing and editing PDF documents is one of the most important and special points that users no longer need to use side-by-side software; it’s easy to edit and view PDF documents and use all of Office’s features to edit documents, The two Web Layout and Read Mode modes are new options added to this version. The first option is to direct online services, and the second option is used to study electronic books, and the user can experiment with different systems of reading books electronically; that is, part of the book on the laptop And read another part at work using the tablet without ever having to interrupt the read pages.
One of the most important features is SkyDrive. This feature allows the user to save their documents in an online service and re-review them in another version, on another system, and even in another location. For example, the Word document is being prepared by the user on a personal laptop; while the user is forced to exit the document, it will be included in the 2013 version to open it on the tablet by storing the document on SkyDrive. And easily rewrite without requiring even a copy copy of the document.
In this series, there are almost identical versions of the previous version. Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other software are also fixed footprints of the 2013 version, but the new features added to them will further enhance their popularity. Microsoft will release various versions of Office 2017, each of which will be usable by users. Homemade, office, commercial and tablet versions will be available.
These can only be a brief introduction to the unmatched functionality of Microsoft Office 2017. A series that will surely bring it back to Microsoft with its offering. For users who use the newer versions of Windows, we suggest downloading and installing the Office 2017 suite.

New features and key features of Microsoft Office 2017:
– Compatible with iOS and Android operating systems
– Special compatibility with touch systems
– Full coordination with the next generation of Windows – Windows 8
– Use of online services and SkyDrive cloud service
– Read Mode for reading eBooks
– Possibility to use Web Layout mode for online publishing
– Ability to share documents among friends to study and express comments
– Use more attractive visuals that make it easier to access options
– Supports PDF format to build, edit, display this format
– Optimize the new version For tablets and smartphones
– Added new features to help you display content PowerPointnt
– Compatible with various versions of Microsoft Windows operating system

Download Links

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 SP1 v15.0.4953.1000
Download the 32-bit Direct Linked
Download – 2.12 GB Office Download – Part One
Download Office – Part Two
Office Download – Part III

Download the 64-bit Direct Link Direct Link – 2.34 GB
Office Download – Part One
Download Office – Part Two
Office Download – Part Three

Microsoft Office 2013 SP1 Integrated Complete July 2017
Download Direct Linked Download 32-Bit Version – 2.48 GB
Office Download – Part One
Office Download – Part Two
Office Download – third part

Download Direct Linked Download 64-bit Direct
Download – 2.71 GB Office Download – Part One
Download Office – Part Two
Office Download – Part Three


Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007 SP3 Build v12.0.6607.1000 Volume 
Download Office Direct Link – 701 MB

Office 2003 with SP3 
Office DownloadDirect link – 398 MB

Password For File:

Note: Please avoid blank spaces during copy or write password by typing.

Installation guide

– After downloading the program by WinRar , remove the files from the compressed state.
– Before installing the software, disconnect your internet connection and then install the software.
– After downloading, install one of the Office versions depending on the platform of your system. If you are not sure which version of the operating system you have installed, download the 32-bit version.
– After exiting the compressed image, burn the existing image to a DVD or load with one of the simulation software.
How to activate Office 2013 in Windows 7:
Before you install Office, do the following: 

– Check the date, time and time zone of your Windows system and correct it if not correct.
(You must be connected to the Internet during activation and Windows Firewall disabled)
– Click on the KMSmicro.v3.11.exe file and then click on the 
Extract button. After opening the zip file, go to C: \\ AsanDownload \\ KMSmicro v3.11 and go to 0-0- Right-click on the 0-KMSmicro-normal and click Run as administrator. After running, if the Windows firewall is notified, click the Alow accessbutton.
Wait for the Windows activation server to run under the form of a virtual machine.
Then press the s button in the blue window .
In the next message, press the a button .
Continue the installation process. In the next window, press the z button .
Then type iran standard time as needed.
Click on the next windowt to set the system clock and virtual machine clock with the world clock. 
Click the
 yes button. 
Go to the crack file and
right-clickon the 0-1-Run file and click Run as administrator. 
In the next message, press the a button. 
Go to the crack file and
right-clickon the 1-1-Activate Windows fileand click Run as administrator. 
Go to the crack file and double-click on the file and run 2-0-2-Office2013-Win7-Localhost.reg and click on the 
Yesbutton. And then pressok 
Note the Crack environment (Blue Screen) does not go away until the installation is complete.
Run autorun DVD and install Office!
Scroll to the folder and
 right-click the 3-1-7-Office 2013 Activate file and click Run as administrator. 
Go to the first flush (blue screen) and hit the 
s button . 
Now you can use Office without limitations!


Manufacturer: Microsoft –
English Name: Office
Version: 2013 SP1 v15.0.4953.1000
File Size: 1570 + 1760 + 653 + 760 + 1230 + 1440 MB
Release Date: 18:25 – 22- 08-2017
Rating: 5.0

required system

· 500 MHz 32-bit or 64-bit processor or higher
· 256 MB of system memory or more
· 3 GB of available disk space
· 1024×768 or higher resolution monitor
· DVD-R / W Drive


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