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All the software you need for a powerful computer by downloading a bundle. The newest version of the most popular softwares for burning and copying compact discs was released. I do not think anyone will be able to deal with a computer, burn or copy a disk, but the name of the awesome Nero softwareTo your ear, or it has not worked. The bundle is very popular, very functional, very complete. The one that a user wants to copy from a software application can be found in this package. Of course, this package contains many other software. In order to express the features of Nero’s software package, a new version of which has just been released, it should be described as making, copying in any form, removing files from compact discs, backing up, sharing, Run multimedia files and … all in one package. Very easy to use from all parts of the software, very user-friendly and user-friendly Nero environment has made it possible for Nero users to choose. The software included in this package is very numerous. So it’s safe to say that each of these tools alone is a separate software.

The Nero package includes the following tools: 
Nero Express : Software for copying various types of formats and files in different forms of Data and MultiMedia and making images of
Nero Burning ROM ROMs : GoArts for copying with different
Nero BackItUp environments. :
Nero CoverDesigner software for backing up files and CDs : A very comprehensive and yet highly applicable tool for designing and implementing a variety of designs and logos for compact discs.
Nero MediaHome : A very functional tool for managing multimedia files.
Nero Home : A tool similar to a drive for storing Nero software files.
Nero RecodeA tool that enables users to record multimedia files on a compact disc.
Nero Video : This software is one of the tools that dramatically builds up in this package and every user needs it. A software that is capable of broadcasting most common audio and video formats. Drive DVDs with the highest quality possible.
Nero SoundTrax : If you are interested in mix audio, you can use this tool to do your work.
Nero WaveEditor : As its name suggests, it’s a software to edit a variety of audio formats, and it’s a tool for users to change sounds.
Nero Vision: Software for those who like to burn their movies with editing and beautiful menus in DVD and VCD formats. The software is also capable of making beautiful slideshows.
But the capabilities of this package are not ending here. Because there are other useful tools as well. The software is capable of creating virtual drives, personalizing drives, locks on compact discs, and measuring the speed of the drive’s disk drive. A new feature added to this package is the ability to hack a logo on a disk. Is. This feature is called LightScribe, and users are able to hack their logos and designs with special notebooks.

The most important Nero Multimedia Suite bundle features:
– Quickly perform disc copyright action
– Burn CDs with different formats and shapes.
– Connect with all types of mobile and mobile devices – Play audio and video
– Convert audio and video to one another
– Support for popular CD formats such as ISO
– Backup from compact discs
– Support for Blu- Rey
– Playback all types of audio and video formats
– Create two-dimensional and three-dimensional menus for videos
– Very user friendly and fun environment
– Easy image
management – Easily manage music and videos
– Make an image of discs
– File sharing and upload it to sites like Youtube
– watch live TV channels
– record video and audio
– edit music
– supports Chen These languages
– the ability to lock on discs
– Personalization of disks
– Speedometer for disk
– Virtual drive creation – Ability to burn to CDs, DVDs and blu-rey, etc.
– Full compatibility with different versions of Windows including popular Windows  7

Download Links

download Nero Platinum Direct – 249 MB
download ContentPack direct link – 766 MB
download Nero Burning ROM with direct links – 87.1 MB
download Nero Express with direct links – 43.4 MB

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Manufacturer: Nero AG –
English Name: Nero Burning ROM
Price: $ 89.99 (for information only)
Version: 2015 v16.0.05000
File Size: 249, 766, 87.1, 43.4 MB
Release Date : 20:38 – 15-06-2015
Rating: 5.0


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