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OpenSUSE Linux open sourceThe GNU / Linux distribution is supported by Novell. Over the past months, this distribution has gone through many ups and downs due Novell’s decisions; such as the closing of a contract with Microsoft and eventually purchased by the joint consortium of Attic and Microsoft! The set-up of these ups and downs has led many users to oppose this distribution with company-backed policies. Eventually, the outcome of these conflicts was that OpenSUSE would continue to operate as an independent and community-based distribution, and that Suse’s commercial distribution became almost entirely ownership of the brand and became an independent brand. Distribution has many innovations for itself and the world of GNU / Linux, which has always put it in the list of the top and most popular of this arena. How to distribute copies of this distribution is slightly different with other distributions, such as Ubuntu or Fedora.
OpenSUSE comes with a variety of desktops, including GNOME, KDE, XFCE, and LXDE, which can cover various applications; however, its main focus is on KDE’s environment and is doing a lot of work to prepare it. OpenSUSE is also the first to distribute Google’s new Go programming language.
Distribution open source is similar to Fedora, which focuses on the new technologies and covers the specific needs of professional and macro users, but this is not a good idea. Undoubtedly, the open-source can be considered as a full-featured graphic. In most distributions (even Ubuntu) you will have to use the command line to do many settings, while OpenSUSE has long been developing its Yast management tool. A tool that often covers the full range of OS management aspects. As you can see, there is also a special module for Snapper to use for this control center. This program will take you through the installation process, and will help you with the grub editing process, and will greatly reduce the need for the terminal. Of course, because of its wide extent, novice users may be somewhat confused about using Yast, but with a little exploring and sublimation it will easily dominate it. OpenSUSE also has one of the most beautiful arturks (artworks) among GNU / Linux distributions.
The OpenOffice function was not fast and not acceptable using the Btrfs file system, but using Ext4 as the default file system, the performance was high and satisfactory. Using the KDE desktop has been crashed and has encountered problems in running and using apps. Also, several times the installation of applications through its graphical manager package (Apper) has encountered a problem and forced us to use the command line or Yast. Both Fedora and OpenStuff, despite their advancement and new technologies, need to be more careful about the sustainability of their default releases, and they should rethink their bug fix.
In terms of hardware identification, open source is often the other component of GNU / Linux, and many believe it is a high ability to identify and deploy hardware from the results of Novell’s and Microsoft’s collaborations. Given Microsoft’s bizarre record of ransom and other complaints from other competitors, we should hope to see the company’s concerns about the distribution of Open Source and the overall GNU / Linux world as a long-term result. 
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Download openSUSE Linux version v42.3 x64 Direct Link – 4.32 GB Download openSUSE Linux version v15.1 x64 Direct Link – 4.4 GB

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Installation guide

– After downloading the program by WinRar , remove the files from the compressed state. 
– Save the Image.iso file with the Iso Burner software on a raw DVD. 
Restart your computer and install Windows.


Manufacturer: SUSE LLC – 
English name: openSUSE Linux 
Version: v42.3 x64 
File Size: 4400, 4400 MB 
Published: 11:14 – 2015-08-25
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