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If you are looking for a lightweight and fast anti-virus for your computer, Panda’s security software can be a good choice for you. Panda Security Products Panda Antivirus Pro and Panda Internet Security and Panda Global ProtectionIn addition to maintaining the relative speed of the computer processor, they are able to protect your system against cyber security threats. Firewall or firewall software carefully checks all incoming and outgoing files from the Internet and prevents malicious software. Protecting your computer from its wireless connectivity opens up and protects your device from connecting to the Internet, and panda identifies and removes viruses and trojans in the computer’s memory. If you are looking at the Internet a lot and you need information and communication security online, choose this software. This new generation of Internet security applications also provides you with more tools to protect your virtual world. In addition to a powerful antivirus and anti-hack engine, you can take advantage of the security of wireless networks, the security of the ports of the U.S. And take control of the access of your dear children and teens to the Internet. Like any other panda software, this program has new features like Application Control and monitoring tools for all system processes. In addition to virus tracking, Panda can ensure the security of your payments and online purchases and prevent online fraud and possible cyber attacks. The user’s documents and information are protected by the software confidentially, so that only the data owner can access them. The main features of the software are listed below. The user’s documents and information are protected by the software confidentially, so that only the data owner can access them. The main features of the software are listed below. The user’s documents and information are protected by the software confidentially, so that only the data owner can access them. The main features of the software are listed below.
The latest generation of antivirus software and Panda Internet security, with the ability to protect Windows operating systems, Mac, IOS and Android simultaneously, this software is in fact a large set of small and large security tools that each The type of security needs is at your highest possible level. By installing this software, no virus or malware will have the ability to infiltrate your computer equipment and your confidential activities on the Internet will in the real sense be “confidential”.
Interestingly, you will have full control over your children and adolescents and sub-users of your computers, and all the passwords you use on various Internet sites and different parts of the computer will be protected and managed. In addition, there are several possibilities for optimizing the speed and performance of your computer.

Full security on Windows PCs and PCs
Malware is registered against any malicious code and is not very new malicious code …. (The Panda Antivirus engine is equipped with pre-recognition technology and behavioral code for executable code, so as to infiltrate any new malware and Anonymize computers)
– against online scams, theft of the cybercriminals and phishing attacks that often occur when shopping online or online financial activities.

Full security on computers, tablets, and other Apple equipment
– malware is registered against any type of virus and is not very new and unregistered … (Panda Anti-Virus Engine is equipped with pre-recognition and behavioral testing technology codes It’s an executable to prevent any new and unknown malware from infiltrating into computers.
– Against online scams, theft of information and phishing attacks that often occur during online shopping or online financial activities.

Full security on Android tablets and smartphones
– malware is registered against any type of virus and is not very new and unregistered … (Panda Antivirus engine is equipped with pre-detection and behavioral testing technology codes To prevent the infiltration of any new and unknown malware into computers)
– against online scams, the theft of pivot data and phishing attacks that are often found during online shopping or online financial activities. they give.

Computer recovery and rescue system
– In the event of severe viral contamination, in a way that your computer has been interrupted, you can put your computer in safe mode using a CD or flash memory equipped with a panda recovery and rescue system. Virus detection and clean up completely. This tool is also available to friends, colleagues and other people to clear viral infections easily on your computer.

Protecting wireless networks
– Equipped with the world’s strongest firewall to prevent incoming and outgoing connections. Is in your computer. All Panda software is equipped with dedicated wireless internet security tools and Wifi network management to quickly prevent unauthorized access and intrusions or hacking attacks that are usually intricate.

Prevent online scams and steal personal information
– The Panda Internet Security Tools protects you against online fraud and online scams. These tools are effective in detecting and preventing phishing attacks and redirecting secure Internet addresses to fake and infected websites.

More and better protection for children and young people
– One of the best security programs to protect children and adolescents from accessing inappropriate, inappropriate and infectious information is Internet. By installing this software, control the computer activities of children, teens, or even sub-users of your computers and prevent unwanted leakage of your private information.

Improve computer speed and performance
– By installing your panda you will have a variety of tools available to help you increase the speed and operational capacity of your computer: the file sorter tool, for faster and faster access to the operating system, clearing tools The old, hidden, worthless and unusable files that are considered to be the main occupants of the memory, a system scanning tool to identify and eliminate possible errors and problems in your computer …

Speed and simplicity
– Panda is one of the fastest And it’s the lightest antivirus software and Internet security.Installing this software is extremely simplified and done quickly. Virus detection speeds and other operating modules (such as updates) are faster and lighter than previous versions.

Key Features of Panda Security Products:
– Protecting the privacy of users with powerful anti-virus and anti-malware
– Fast and reliable search for virus detection
– Providing secure wireless connections
– Ability to fully identify and remove malicious Internet files
– Ability to restrict users, including children, to the Internet and Windows
– Ability to safely store passwords and prevent access to passwords
– Advanced encryption of important information and prevent data theft
– Safe data retrieval and non-return and data recovery
– Ability to optimize Windows and increase speed and efficiency System
– Contains powerful firewall L Input and Output Content from the Internet
– Parental Controls to Restrict Internet Access
– Protection of sensitive documents and information with the detection of new and unknown malware
– Ability to search and detect infected emails and malicious Internet files
– Complete protection against hacker attacks from users on the home and organization networks
– Quick and regular data updates
– Preventing automatic propagation of viruses through side-by-side
packs – Computer recovery and rescue system for severe computer-borne infections
– Powerful firewall to prevent hacker attacks and unauthorized influences
– Virtual keyboards
– Panda Safe Browser (Panda Safe Browser)
– manage home networks
– anti-spam tool and identify The infected messages
– means of controlling children and adolescents
– a dedicated tool for preventing online fraud and theft of personal data
– Remote access to PCs
– Password management tool
– Important file encryption – Irreversible files
– Tools for improving the speed and performance of personal and home computers
– Supporting and recovering sensitive information
– Online data support
– Powered by Panda Bootable Antivirus
– Maintaining relative speed and performance of the operating system
– Compatible with various versions of the popular Microsoft Windows operating system


Panda Antivirus Panda Antivirus Panda Antivirus 2016 Direct
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Manufacturer: Panda Security SL –
English name: Panda
Price: 39.99 + 49.99 + 69.99 USD America (just for information)
edition: 2016
Author: Syed Hamid Reza Mousavi
Published: 09:55 – 11-05 -2016 – (22/21/22)
Rating: 4


required system

Operating System: Windows 8 / 8.1 (32 & 64 bits), Windows 7 (32 & 64 bits), Windows Vista (32 & 64 bits), Windows XP (32 bits) SP2 or later Processor: Pentium 300 MHz or faster RAM: 256 MBHard Disk: 240 MB free space Browser: Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
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