Download Qizilgul Sozluyu v1.0 – A comprehensive Persian dishinkery software


Turkish is one of the common languages in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, with its geography including Turkey, Northern Cyprus, Azerbaijan, as well as parts of Iraq, Iran, Greece, Bulgaria, and so on. Qizilgul Sozluyu softwareA complete Turkish-Persian dictionary, as well as a comprehensive Turkish-language learning program for Persian speakers, supporting over twenty thousand Turkish words in Persian and also, with thousands of local and folk words, the ability to translate and learn this sweet language. A complete and comprehensive face for you. Which contains the sources of Torquay – Farsaya (Daxshin Sezelvyu), 20th Seoul, Uluzul Sezlouk (Technical Leader) 34th, and Azizliyeh Azizliyah, 34th, is the 44th place of the Questionnaire. Other features, including the ability to create new vocabulary circles and the presence of a major part of Turkish grammar, and the ability to use videos and images in the software archive will allow you to learn in the least amount of time if you are interested in this language. Pay it.

Key features of Qizilgul Sozluyu software:
– Translation of Turkish language into Persian and the ability to learn Turkish for speakers.
– Existence of complete Azerbaijani-language grammar and more than 44,000 local Azerbaijani words
– A dictionary of 34,000 Turkish and 20,000 Turkish words in Persian
– Existing more than 60,000 words including official and folk vocabulary – Have
pictures and videos. Educational Ready and Quiz Exercises
– Video Tutorials Turkish and Azerbaijani Turkish grammar
– Ability to add new vocabulary circles
– Compatible with different versions of Microsoft Windows operating system operating systems


software download direct link – 19.4 MB

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English Name: Qizilgul Sozluyu 
Version: v1.0 
File Size: 19.4 MB 
Release Date: 11:15 – 10-08-2016
Score: 4.0




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