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The one thousand and one story of Imam Ali (as) is a complete reference to the biography and events that occurred during the lifetime of Imam Ali (as), including topics such as birth, chivalry and adolescents, stories and other … In this regard, the Imam is innocent. This software is the new product of the religious dialogue site, which was published on the occasion of the martyrdom of Imam Ali (AS). 
Whoever is eye to day and life in your oppressed eyes 
, if we were with you in the streets of Kufa, we 
would have been with you in the middle of the ignorant congregation, and we 
would fight, if we would have been in the queue with you, 
and if you In our case, night whispers, like 
Kamil, Meisam and Moghadad, would have been as old as possible, 
maybe if those days were we would not have been so much.
And thousands of other bats; that our jig is ripped apart


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