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Various softwares have been introduced in easy-to-download software to provide Windows OS security, each with specific, and sometimes unique, features that can be selected based on the diagnosis and sometimes the personal taste of it. TrustPort Antivirus, Internet Security, Total SecurityOne of the most complete security packages that we put on the site is to allow users to have a safe system for their security features and security features. Security packets are the most important part of the security package. It’s security that tried to get maximum levels in this software. High-security software along with continuous updates and high-speed scan on the system are among the most important and key features of this program as well as other security packages. Detecting viruses and malicious files using the powerful database used in the software will be very simple. A very modern and lightweight graphical interface, which, in addition to high scanning speeds, simplifies access to all options, is one of the most important features of TrustPort Total Protection.

Antivirus Trust Port
will have a basic protection shield against malicious software and viruses on your personal computer, antivirus will automatically update the activity and will always stop to even the latest viruses, worms, trojans and The published software will come. Antivirus Port Trust uses a powerful technology with two scan engines, and the intelligent analysis of this product gives you the ability to even identify viruses that have not yet been identified.

Trust Internet Secure Port
Complete protection of your computer and data against malicious programs and online threats. The program detects spyware and viruses anywhere in your computer and prevents hackers from infecting your computer. Not only do you have the ability to view open files continuously, but at the same time you have the ability to scan emails and files downloaded from the web. Also, with the Portunes module, this product can store sensitive files on your mobile device in sync (synchronized) and compatible.

Trust Port Total Proct
The highest level of protection for your computer against malicious programs, online risks and the abuse of confidential data. This program protects the computer against viruses and spyware at all locations, and examines all emails and websites for identifying dangerous and unwanted content. Total Proxcitation provides reliable protection from sensitive data by encrypting or crushing confidential files that are no longer used. The product also features a unique multi-engine scan technology that offers the highest levels of identifying potential malware.

Antivirus and antispyware

The program offers an advanced scan for exploration analysis to disable any malicious program that may enter the computer from the Internet or peripherals. Two powerful total-prototype engines ensure that harmful codes are detected in a magnetically 100% approximation.

Protecting web
pages is one of the most commonly used stomps for virus infiltration; Internet Security Trust scans port files when it is downloaded from the Internet, and it also allows streaming data (such as voice and Video) that do not need to scan. The Internet Security also detects and blocks phishing sites (known as hacking).

Protect Email

The Trust Internet Security controls email ports in terms of malware and spam software, and has full support for Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Windows Mail and The Bat. It is also possible to check all incoming messages from selected users.

Personal firewall
All computer connections are monitored with the outside world, the firewall automatically detects all the normal programs and allows them to communicate with the Internet world, and suspicious programs are blocked or placed in special situations, as well as you. You have the ability to determine how to deal with a firewall in licensing or blocking communications. The Internet Security has provided you with a wide range of firewalls.

Lived parents
The program has different categories for unwanted web content, such as immoral sites or gambling. It is possible to block such sites, and in order to protect children from unwanted content, personal users are able to create profiles by applying classified clauses.

Portable Antivirus
A special feature provided on this product creates a portable antivirus on a flash disk and your data is stored on the flash and is permanently protected. Whenever you have free time, you can scan any computer with an antivirus interface in a flash disk.

Key features of TrustPort Total Protection 2017 software:
– Identify latest malicious files such as viruses and malware
– Extremely powerful firewall against attacks.
– Continuous, fast and compact updates
– Modern and attractive software interface
– Secure browsers, emails and more …
– Ability to control children in the use of the system and the Internet
– High speed scan of different memory
– No loss System performance due to the lack of utilization of hardware resources
– Compatible with various versions of Microsoft Windows operating system


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Manufacturer: TrustPort –
English name: TrustPort Total Protection
Price: 37.95 USD America (just for information)
edition: 2017 V17.0.2.7025
Author: Majid
Published: 17:58 – 23-10-2017 – (1396/8/1)
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