Download VirusTotalScanner v7.5 – Desktop version of the VirusTotal online scanner


VirusTotal Scanner is a useful and useful application for those users who use the online version of VirusTotal, and those who are in contact with VirusTotal, certainly know that VirusTotal scans files for more than 40 major antiviruses in the world. It can be used by the desktop version of this software to quickly scan your files by just dragging and dropping the file in the drag and drop in the software without having to press the system to scan. You will be logged on by VirusTotal’s powerful cybercriminals in order to detect the virus you are having with Antivirus Check out the world’s most powerful wizards, so using the desktop version of this scanner completely free can be a good tip.

Key Features of VirusTotalScanner:
– Ability to scan without uploading files
– Fast and easy scanning of all files one by one
– Ability to speed up the scan of the file desired by placing the program in the right-click menu
– Ability to use the Drag & Drop feature to perform Quickly select the desired files
– Ability to install and remove Local
– Ability to display details when performing a scan operation
– Full scan functionality using the VirusTotal Scanner
– Ability to run directly from any system
– Compatible with various versions of the popular operating system Microsoft Windows


Download direct link – 3.6 MB

Installation guide

– After downloading the program by WinRar , remove the files from the compressed state.
– The software is free and after installation and run it can be used without limitation

Password For File:


Manufacturer: SecurityXploded Inc –
English name: VirusTotalScanner
Version: v7.5
File size: 3.6 MB
Author: Razieh Ehsani
Date of publication: 19:58 – 29-07-2018 – (1397/5/7)
Rating : 4.5


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