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The version provided for downloading Windows 8 Pro VL with all updates provided by Microsoft is August 15, 2013. This version of Windows is pre-enabled, meaning you do not need to activate Windows and Windows is enabled by Pre Activator software.
In addition, the Windows 8 AIO 18in1 x86 / x64 Integrated May 2013 version includes 18 different versions of Windows 8.
Microsoft has made Windows a better graphical interface than Windows 7, and on the other hand, thanks to its optimizations, its speed and performance have increased while a lot of new features have been used. Graphic design is a kind of software that can be installed and run in addition to personal computers, and with the introduction of the Microsoft tablet, we certainly have to wait for a new world of computer systems. The Windows 8 graphical interface is very similar to Windows 7, with the exception that the options like Start have been replaced and replaced by the Metro interface; Ribbon, which was previously unveiled in the Office suite, is now stepping into Windows 8. The Aero Window 7 Window Mode is now completely removed in the RTM version, but the design of the shells and colors makes the workplace more attractive. The graphical interface can certainly satisfy all users.
Windows 8 comes with the same hardware as Windows Vista and Windows 7, and can run on systems that install Windows 7. This is a very positive point, because Windows Vista was somehow sacrificed for the lack of compatibility of hardware with the Windows operating system. Microsoft has fully integrated Windows 8 with 32-bit, 64-bit, and ARM processors so everyone can get it.
But one of the most significant and special changes to the Windows 8 presentation and its software is based on HTML 5 and JavaScript, almost identical to what we have seen on the Android operating system and a variety of tablets. Of course, the usual software is also available on Windows 8, but the software that Microsoft itself has provided for this Windows has chosen all HTML 5 as a language; thus, working with Windows and its components is much more appealing. . Of course, Internet Explorer 10, officially unveiled on Windows 8, will play an important role in the success of the Windows 8 feature, thanks to the latest Web technology. With the launch of the software store for Microsoft, the company intends to develop new and up-to-date software.
New and interesting features have been added to this Windows. Possibility to recognize faces to enter the user’s menu, high speed in the initial boot of Windows, the same boot action, a new panel for faster access to various options in Windows, added the ability to manage and modify the main pages, such as the login screen to the user’s menu as An individual with customizations, a better and more complete view of the Task Manager that displays almost all of the components of the system in detail, the coordination with the popular XBOX game console and its games are sections that can be summarized in them. cited.
To describe all the features, perhaps a site needs to fully unveil new and discovered features of Windows 8 every day. The ones we mentioned are only the main parts that are featured in the new version of Windows, and a large amount of small and large features should be presented after the final release.
With these interpretations, we have to wait and see Windows, which has always been like a double-edged knife for Microsoft, would it take its owner’s hand this time, or could it rival competitors? What is your opinion after downloading and installing the final version of this Windows?

New features and features added to Windows 8:
– Added a new user interface called Metro for the touch screen
– Removed the Start button, Quick Hybrid Launcher and Task Manager task manager
– New users are using the image instead of the word Pass
– Supports USB3, multiple displays and ARM architecture in addition to Intel and AMD
– Quick installation of Windows and the ability to restore the operating system to the settings during installation
– Added Ribbon bar to Windows Explorer such as Microsoft Office 2010
– Ability to open ISO, IMG and VHD files without installing side software
– Support for RAID 1 and RAID 5 technology
– Added Family Safety Control for children in the Internet environment


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