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One of the most popular boycotts in the Internet world is the famous Babylon dictionary. Due to the lack of credibility and failure of this dictionary, you should consider the appropriate alternative to this software. Software that is easy to use in addition to its high power and close-ups to Babylon. Most people who work on computers and the Internet have to have a text translator and words to translate words and texts on their computer, and they know that being a good and good translator on the computer is needed. We all do not have enough fluency in English and you need an interpreter to translate the text. If you want to use different languages, we need to use a translator that is multilingual and also have the ability to translate English texts into Persian and Persian to English. Be In spite of the specialized terminology in the Internet world, as well as the translation of websites in different languages, it is very difficult to work and if the software can translate our webpage as accurately as possible in the fastest possible time, and in addition, we can translate the texts inside the images It’s very interesting to translate OCR technology. Powerful software GoldenDict is a free and open source OpenSource dictionary that can be a good alternative to the Babylon dictionary. One of the interesting features of this software is the complete support for Babylon’s bootstrap programs, which are in .BGL format. This software is capable of translating Persian, Arabic, English, German, Russian, Swedish and …. Another feature of this dictionary is Babylon. It can be installed on Windows and Linux platforms. In addition to multilingual software, you can use the English version of the software in Persian. 

The key features of GoldenDict software are:
– Support for the format. Bgl Dictionary written by the Babylon dictionary 
– Supports StarDict (syn), lingvo, Dictd and more … 
– Supports online translations, Wikipedia, UrbanDictionary and others. ..
– Ability to translate words and display automatically translations with a single click 
– Ability to support online pronunciation of words 
– Very easy to use and activation with a single click 
– Ability to use and support 75 live languages in the world including Sweet Persian 
– Supported Windows and Linux operating systems 
– Ability to translate words from images and web pages as online translations 
– Very small volume and free software 
– Compatible with different versions of Windows including popular Windows  


software download direct link – 15.4 MB

Password For File:

Note: Please avoid blank spaces during copy or write password by typing.

Installation guide

– After downloading the program by WinRar , remove the files from the compressed state. 
– The software is free and after installation and run it can be used without limitation.


Manufacturer: Konstantin Isakov – 
English Name: GoldenDict 
Version: v1.0.1 
File size: 15.4 MB 
Published: 13:01 – 17-03-2014
Rating: 4.0



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