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Designing sites will be more attractive when it comes to the use of a variety of technologies and software that provides a lot of abilities to the designers. What a professional designer chooses is software, in addition to being very tangible to the designer himself, but when it comes to the name of the powerful Adobe product, there is no taste or debate left. It’s so powerful and rich in features that most designers use for this Web design. Adobe Dreamweaver is the name of the very powerful software that today even in most universities for students to design and teach as a software reference.
Although Dreamweaver was originally a product of Macromedia, its acquisition by Adobe did not reduce the popularity and, of course, the functionality of the tool, but Adobe has provided its own version of this tool to one of the most powerful companies in the production of software Web Design Converts.
It’s a very powerful tool that the new generation of the tool comes with the release of the new Creative Suite suite, compared to previous versions, although not much change, but the same minor changes to speed up the functionality of the software play an important role. they do. Adobe Dreamweaver, which is in fact the 13th edition of this tool, in addition to supporting most formats, has the ability to design in Design and Code, full support for new technologies used on web pages, and in particular two languages for PHP and .Net to users. Professional in the design of dynamic sites.
The user-friendly interface of the software and of course the professional, which most of the options are intelligently added to the coding, and of course, with the changes and optimizations made in this version, their performance speed has increased, designers in design The faster it helps. The optimizations made with regard to the relatively large graphics and volume of the software are not exclusive to this tool, and Adobe has tried to keep it with all the popular users with this simple trick.
Direct uploading of files to web hosting with direct changes to pages, synchronization with the database, color scheme for any programming system for easy identification of codes or errors, compatibility with CSS and HTML, and its new versions, Comprehensive compatibility with Flash and its accessories, Photoshop compatibility and optimizations for faster and better display of images on the website, support for Ajax technology and many more are the most important features that are clearly visible in this tool. he ate.
The new version sees new changes in the past, each of which, in addition to improving the functionality of the software, is considered a new feature. One of the great features that can be great for both professional users as well as site administrators is the ability to edit directly the site management system (CMS), which can easily edit codes or even the site in Adobe Dreamweaver. These systems, the most famous of which are WordPress and Joomla, can be pointed out using PHP.
Another new addition to this version is the better compatibility with CSS, which gives a lot of help in design. For coding in PHP, there are also new features that are very useful for professionals in this language; codes will be added intelligently to the user’s typing, which will be useful for designing as well as editing of superb management systems. will be. A very simple launch of a site is one of the features that will make it easy to work with Adobe Dreamweaver for a few minutes.
Version 13 of this newly released software is fully prepared to give you professional users who want to design or edit or even have a new experience. Adobe Dreamweaver can download easy-to-use, easy-to-use, and powerful features. Take it to the end.

Key features of Adobe Dreamweaver:
– Build, design, edit web pages
– Web design environment with three different methods
– Support for various web page formats Active Server Pages (ASP), Java Server, PHP, XML, HTML, JSP, CSS, ASPX and multiple and multi languages. Other programming
– A different environment from other software and highly professional and professional
– Support and design of CSS-based web pages
– Use of support for all existing tools on web pages like images, animations and …
– Ability to communicate between programs written with famous databases
– Intelligence of the software in identifying written code
– Compatible with other Adobe software
– Support for Zeb Full Farsi
– Support and Development of Dynamic and Dynamic Pages with Jacks Power (AJax)
– Full compatibility with the famous Adobe Photoshop software and PSD format
– Online web page editing
– Possibility to upload pages on the server and server
– Support and compatibility with the new Adobe product Adobe Air
– New and
improved user interfaces – Better compatibility with CSS
– Design, develop and expand dynamic user interfaces using Spry framework for Ajax
– Improve CSS performance on web pages with the help of Spry widgets components
– Creative Suite and other new Adobe products.
– CSS entry. Inside the project using CSS layouts
– Including data inside a web page using XML from an RSS source or database
– View syntax Web site designed for mobile using Adobe Device Central
– Ability to add transitions like grow, shrink, fade, highlight & …
– Full CSS management
– Full Persian language
– CMS support and compatibility – Software compatibility and intelligence with PHP
– Features Extremely professional for CSS
– Compatibility and synchronization with Adobe BrowseLab
– Compatibility and ability to codify smart WordPress Codes
– Faster setup of a site in the new version
– Optimized for speeding up the installation and operation of the system



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