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Designing web pages has become a job today, and apart from the attractiveness of the work for many as a career earner. Designing a web page designer, depending on the purpose and subject of his work, brings all the things in his brain into programming codes and displays the result as a web page. One of the things that is used on virtually all website pages is the buttons or menus that we encounter in a day’s work with a variety of them. These menus are designed in a different way for the beauty of a site and, of course, the user’s faster access to the components of a website is important.
Web designers usually use graphic software, create a picture in a photo, and then create scripts using them to create attractive menus. But this always takes time, while in addition to the high precision in design, it also needs art and design power. But for those who follow the work of designing websites and are somehow dependent on it, there are some software that greatly helps them to create attractive and beautiful menus without hesitation and at the fastest time. . The software creates a menu with a very simple design environment and then generates the corresponding code. One of these software bundles is unknown but its functionality is less than similar tools. All Web Menus ProIs called Very interesting software with many abilities and, of course, hundreds of ready-made designs for menus in designs and shapes that make designer work very easy. All Web Menus Pro has many other features in addition to the user-friendly interface and ease of use, including full compatibility with browsers such as IE8. Named Google Chrome. 50 new extensions and designs have been added to this version of the software. The very important thing about this software is the design and menu templates that are completely different from the other software, and many of them can be seen for the first time.

Key features of the All Web Menus Pro software:
– Very easy to use and user-friendly application environment
– Beautiful and multiple designs for various purposes
– Compatibility with all browsers
– Ability to create code in the form of DHTML Menu or JavaScript Menu
– Edit menus to the last possible extent
– Build a search menu for websites and of course with the ability to search on the site with SEO support
– Compatible with the famous software design Web like Expression, DreamWeaver and more …
– Supports all languages
– Creates a menu for content management systems such as WordPress and Joomla
– Supports all types of database and programming languages and compatibility with them
– Ability to build a menu and referrals to it
– making animated menus for websites
– 20 text plan to create menus
– 20 new models for menus with pictures
– 40 Icons Elbe
– Plugin for WordPress content management system



with direct link – 12.95 megabytes


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