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When the first sites were created, nobody knew how to change the sites in a few years. At that time almost all sites were static or so-called Static. But a few years later, with the introduction of new technologies, as well as web programming languages, the pages were replaced by dynamically dynamic pages. One of the things that greatly influenced this change was the use of new web programming languages. Languages that gave power to the pages and no longer were the one-way communication. In other words, the user was in touch with the site of interest, and he reacted to every action he was doing. The two programming languages that came to the world from sites a couple of years ago were the product of two Raghibas. ASP
In terms of the structure, the two did not have any similarities either, and do not even run on separate operating systems. ASP.Net on Windows and PHP servers on Linux servers. PHP can also be run on Windows servers. But our discussion is this time about PHP. As we mentioned above, PHP is an open source code that has not been long since it’s been developed, which quickly turned itself into the first choice of professional programmers. Because of its key capabilities, it has been able to convince programmers to write and develop their site management systems in this language. Today, PHP also shines with much power in the web programming environment, and there are many programmers using it.
To write PHP-like code like HTML, like all web languages, you need special software to support both PHP and the ability to use false alarms. One of Zend’s most famous tools. Professional programmers have all heard the name of this software, since the first and last words of this software are in the field of writing PHP code, but its high volume is one of the most important issues. Rapid PHP softwareWhich is the product of Blumentals, can be a very good alternative to Zend. Software that is not comparable to Zend in terms of volume and speed. This is due to the fact that Rapid PHP has almost all the capabilities of Zend. It’s easy to write codes that can be flawed and see the result. Other features of this software should be to support other programming languages such as CSS, HTML, ASP and …. The software user interface is incredibly simple yet user-friendly. The easy-to-use group The latest version of this newly released software is available to download to the public for PHP users.

Key features of Blumentals Rapid PHP:
– Very high speeds in performing erroneous operations
– Very small volume compared to similar software
– Support for other languages. Web programming.
– Simple yet user-friendly user interface.
– Display spelling mistakes in typing.
– Supports UTF-8 and UTF-16
standards. – Ability to select functions that are available in multiple file creators in the software.
– Error with software debugger
– Display and error on virtual servers
– Ability to store and display on FTP servers
– Ability to communicate with popular databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird, Interbase
– Ability to use codes as Templates For quick use later
– HTML editors, JAVA Script and CSS



Direct Link Software – 63.1 MB


Installation guide

– After downloading the program by WinRar , remove the files from the compressed state. 
– Before installing the software, disconnect your internet connection and then install the software. 
– Run Keygen.exe from the Keymaker folder and click on the Generate button. Then execute the application and use the serial received from Keygen and the desired name and email of the register. 
– Run the software and use it without limitation.


Manufacturer: Blumentals Software – 
English Name: Blumentals Rapid PHP 
Price: 39.95 US dollars (for information only!) 
Version: v15.0.0.199 
File Size: 63.1 MB 
Score: 4.5

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