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PHP is a web programming language, it is better to use scripting instead of programming language, because PHP, which is a web scripting language, provides the ability to process information on Apache web servers for servers and, of course, its users. PHP, which is usually handled on Linux servers, is being used today, and is one of the most popular in the virtual world of the Internet, and in general the design of web sites and content management systems. PHP was able to achieve this grade because of being free, easy to learn and so on. PHP, like other programming languages and scripting, should be written in accordance with a set of rules that it is designed to execute correctly.
You can use any simple editor to write these codes. Even the Windows Notepad can be used, but the most important disadvantage of these tools is that they do not have the ability to process and find errors. In order to be able to find errors and speed up the writing of code, software should be used to detect and process PHP errors. Zend’s most prominent tool in this field is that it has even played a significant role in PHP development. But there are other tools in this regard, including the DzSoft PHP Editorcited. Software that may not be well-known for PHP enthusiasts, but also has a lot of coding capabilities. This software, which has great compatibility with PHP and HTML, gives users the ability to process and corrupt them. The volume is very low and has a very simple user interface. DzSoft PHP Editor is able to identify spelling mistakes in the typing and erroneously.

The key features of the software DzSoft PHP Editor:
– Full compatibility with HTML and PHP
– Writing code processing ability
– Very interesting software coding environment
– Highlighting grammatical and typos errors
– Previewing codes written with one click
– Supports Extention PHP
– Several PHP -coded scripts
– Highly-featured Help
– Ability to set web server for code processing
– Lower volume along with the ultra-simple user interface of this software



software download direct link – 5 MB



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