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MAGIX Xtreme Web Designer is one of the most professional software packages that help users design a professional site . The software, as its name implies, is one of the products of the MAGIX software company. The company is committed to providing this powerful software with all its abilities to produce software that provides the best possible design for the user in the field of design.
The user does not need to know HTML or Java is just a little tastes and designs a site in a graphical environment, and it’s an application that automatically converts the designs into code so that they can be used by the site. The availability of ready-made plans along with support for the world’s live languages as well as the productivity of most of the standards on the Web are three key factors in the success of this software.
The MAGIX Xtreme Web Designer is capable of designing a web page in an extremely attractive and user-friendly environment with just a few clicks so that even the designer himself is surprised by the result. There are a variety of logos, ready-made images, ready-made buttons for the website, and many more, all of which will prove that you can simply design a beautiful, engaging website with just a little bit of patience and then The same software has been transferred to FTP servers.
This software, as well as the site builder, is designed to test and test 500 MB of free space. This feature is found in less software; support for Web 2 and the ability to identify the site to the search engine are two very important features that are of great importance for professionals.

Key Features of MAGIX Xtreme Web Designer:
– Extremely attractive user interface
– No need for knowledge of writing HTML or Java code
– Simplicity in using software
– Compatibility with most existing standards
– Web 2.0 compatibility
– Possibility to use 500 MB of free space
– Direct download from software to FTP servers
– Compatibility with languages Different Worlds
– There are dozens of designs ready for design and ideas
– Able to design simple animations



download free with direct link – 51.74 MB


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  • MAGIX Xtreme Web Designer v5 hi . this software ask a serial number, the patch does not worked . would you please give me a solution.

    Avatar jenefri840jene February 24, 2020 2:07 am Reply

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