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We all know that one of the reasons for the popularity of a beautiful site is its. Approximately 90 percent of users first notice the appearance of the site and it does not matter at all what technology or programming language is used on this site. A site may look beautiful, but originally only used a simple web programming language, or vice versa, a seemingly intriguing site does not look pretty nice, but in code written in the newest and most difficult languages of the program. Writing has been used.
In this case, it’s a more popular site that looks more beautiful. The first word will always be the graphics, the physical composition of the images and the colors of the site. It’s a very important thing to know which site is designed for what age range. As the number of sites increases, it’s harder for designers and programmers, especially graphists. Graphists and designers should always seek the best for their purpose so that they can prepare the site for creativity. The design and implementation of a site with an incredibly beautiful graphic environment, consisting of buttons, images, banners, and so on, involves the use of tools for achieving a dynamic and user-friendly site. Real DrawThe name is a tool that allows users to design images and objects in two-dimensional and three-dimensional form with the superb features. This tool is very powerful and allows the user to edit the images for implementation on the web anyway as desired. In Real Draw, as there are many possibilities, more creativity can be made.

Real-DRAW Pro software features: 
Vector-like Editing: The
first feature of this tool is that you can always edit, categorize and … what you have designed. Shadows, objects, etc., dark and light, shadow, place text next to it, change its format, zoom in or out, and summarize whatever you want.
Bitmap Editing:
Unlike the normal mode, the user can directly edit the editing images. It’s easy to do the 3D painting effect. Use a variety of fonts, colors, vectors, and more.
3D Effects: There
are very beautiful 3D effects in this application. You can create the most beautiful 3D images from your two-dimensional images with a little lightning and doing a series of work. For example, Real Draw Pro can create a metallic model that is one of the biggest problems in other software.
Illustration Package:
Another feature of Real Draw, which is given to users, is the ability to create and design a variety of drawing designs. The ability to interconnect all kinds of designs and styles, as well as drop off 3D simulators, graph types, and more are included in Real Draw.
Hand-Painted Style:
There are not many software that can accommodate this feature. This feature enables the user to manually design styles to implement what’s in their mouths on the software.
Web Page HTML Slicer:
This feature is really rare in a graphical software application. By using this feature, the user will be able to implement everything that is appearing on web pages in the form of a graphical web page. In fact, HTML Slicer is an advanced package that makes the task very easy for users to no longer need to do a list of HTML or other hard work on the web.
Multimedia Graphics generator:
With Real Draw, you can perform graphic tasks more quickly. This is because it is possible using template designs and template pages. First, prepare a design and then map it to the design. For example, we define two types of colors for the text with two types of dimensions, and for the next steps, the software automatically implements these two designs.
SVG editor:
With the SVG editor, the user will be able to edit files in XML format. Anything like color changes, changes to the template, etc. will be possible with this editor.
Mega Render:
In Real Draw, you have the ability to create large size photos. This part is not intended for large-sized design but will change all details of the template.
Export to Adobe Photoshop:
And one of the most important features is the compatibility with the famous and famous tool Adobe Photoshop. A feature that allows you to convert files designed in Real Draw into a Photoshop utility without having to create the smallest or the shortest.

Key Features of MediaChance Real-DRAW Pro:
– Very Professional User Interface
– Supports Different Format
– Extremely low volume due to extra capabilities
– Exceptional and beautiful effects and brushes
– Perform all edits of images in the software
– Compatibility with GIF format and storage with the same format
– Perform editing in two 2D and 3D environments



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