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The fact that Microsoft is the world’s largest software company is undeniable. In addition to operating systems that have dominated computers, the company also provides powerful software in different sectors and, of course, this software continues to work. Software, and in parts of the software packages that may not be rivals in the computer world at all, for example, the Office suite, which may have one rival, but competitors are not so powerful that even a small threat to this powerful package Software. In other parts, this is partly the decree. For many years, there were many users around the world who chose the Microsoft Frontpage software as the best web designer for various reasons, and Microsoft certainly had to keep it. These users would definitely find a more powerful alternative to the tool, which could also provide more complete capabilities in a more attractive environment. It’s been two or three years since the project has stopped offering new versions of Frontpage and replaced the tools that, in addition to the previous features, offer more complete features for web designers. The first software that officially replaced FrontPage was the Microsoft Expression Web. This tool, in addition to a more dynamic environment, also has more complete capabilities, and in new versions, these features are newer and more appealing to professionals. Microsoft Expression StudioThe name of this bundle includes four Microsoft Expression Design software, Microsoft Expression Blend + Microsoft SketchFlow, Microsoft Expression Encoder, and Microsoft Expression Web. Together, these software packages are in fact a collection that may in most cases meet the demands of a professional web designer. In the case of Microsoft Expression Web, which explains in the past and the same post what it does, but with the other software in the package, Microsoft Expression Design is a very complete tool for design The graphics of a site, along with the editing of images using the latest technology in this toolkit has been gathered. This tool, which is a fantastic and unique environment, has almost all the necessary features for graphical editing, and maybe no other tools at all. The next software is called Microsoft Expression Blend + Microsoft SketchFlow. It’s actually two distinct software that is presented as a software; in an explanation it should be noted that Microsoft was still unable to sit idle and observe the continuous success of Flash on web pages, which is why the tool Released as Silverlight, which is rival for Flash, as well as powerful technology for web designers based on web animations; this tool supports two Silverlight technologies and programming. Net is also capable of designing the most beautiful and professional animations, and with the Microsoft SketchFlow, a tool for graphic design, it will give users the most complete tools in this regard. The Microsoft Expression Encoder is the latest product of this software package, which manages the management of audio and video files that are embedded in a variety of videos on a site. With a variety of formats, the software is capable of creating a powerful player for a site in an interesting environment so that users and visitors can watch videos online. However, for those who professionally develop web site design and even web-based programming, the Microsoft Expression Studio software package is the best choice, since it offers great features in all respects. Version 3 of this package is available for some time. This volume may be believed by many users, but it is much less compared to similar software.

Key Features of Microsoft Expression Studio:
– Supports most commonly used Web design formats like HTML, ASP, PHP, XHTML, CSS and more.
– Supports Microsoft’s Exclusive Programming Language (ASP.Net)
– Technology Support Extremely commonly used Jacks (AJax) that make great use of dynamic site design
– Nice and user-friendly interface at the same high performance
– Wizard for easier CSS designing
– Supports various web design formats (HTML encoding)
– Capability Support for most image formats and very easy to use images in the design environment
– Ability to communicate between ASP.Net, PHP and … with commonly used databases.
– Edit images and other Objects with software such as Adobe Photoshop
– Various ready-made sketches and designs.
– Ability to edit screenshots
– Supports a variety of image formats for image editing
– Ability to design charts and graphs perfectly professional
– Extremely attractive and unique user environments in all software
– Ability to design beautiful animations based on Silverlight technology
– Possibility Using online videos on a site
– Good size than the software in the package
– Supporting Sweet Persian language
– Compatible with various versions of Microsoft Windows operating system



Download software versions of Microsoft Expression Studio with direct links – 272 MB 
download software version of Expression Encoder Pro Direct Microsoft – 23.9 MB 
download software version of Microsoft Expression Studio Web Pro Direct – 148 MB


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