Download Microsoft Small Basic v1.0 – Basic programming software


Today, the world of computer systems has so advanced that even children and young people can easily communicate with them and use them for various purposes. Programming is one of the work that is started in many developed countries from the very early ages and young people are identified and developed for programming. But we’ve come up with a gadget called Microsoft Small Basic , which is provided by Microsoft and provides a very basic and simple programming experience for children and young people, and helps them develop programming.
The software has a very simple and organized GUI that is easy to use for all users, even those with little experience or no previous experience in computer work. Microsoft Small Basic is based on .NET, along with Net development. , This tool will also progress. Microsoft also supports official language support for this product so that users can safely enter this environment. The very simple function of this software and language helps even the elderly to easily learn programming



Direct Link Software – 7.18 MB


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