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Scripting in different languages When it’s more enjoyable to use a code processor directly, it means that when there is a special error in our written code, the software automatically specifies them so that the script can be easily read by them. Edit it. In PHP scripting, there are several software programs that run; one that phpDesignerIt’s called to be able to help users write code easily, support for PHP, HTML and CSS is the first and most important feature of this software. Code analysis, error detection, and release are three definitions that capture all the different functions of the software. The phpDesigner, which uses a very simple interface, is incredibly easy to use with spelling errors in words and sentences. Direct execution of codes and scripts also plays an important role in viewing the momentary changes made to the scripts. The completion of the codes will increase the speed of the users, this feature that can be seen today in many coding software is that when the user first typed a command, the software intelligently identifies the order and, if desired, The user adds it to the codes. phpDesigner has put this important feature in place so users can easily read the code. Compatibility with the latest frameworks for PHP and Java-Script is another feature of the latest version of this software. The latest version of this software is ready for you users and programmers so you can easily script in popular PHP language.

Key features of the phpDesigner software:
– Full compatibility with PHP, HTML and CSS
– Quick spelling mistakes for grammar and vocabulary
– The existence of a fast and intelligent add-on in the software
– Suitable volume and high speed in run compared to software such as Zend
-Processor Internal scripts
– Compatibility with the latest and most recent frameworks
– Direct and online publishing of codes in the software
– Possibility to embed photos in CSS codes using File Browser in tags
– Use the latest PHP version
– Tab Browsing in the software



software download direct link – 25.3 MB


Installation guide

– After downloading the program by WinRar ,remove the files from the compressed state.
– Before installing the software, disconnect your internet connection and then install the software.
– Run Keygen.exe from the Keymaker folder and click on the Generate button. Then execute the application and use the serial received from Keygen and the desired name and email of the register.
– Run the software and use it without limitation.


Manufacturer: mpsoftware – 
English Name: phpDesigner 
Price: $ 45 (for information only!) 
Version: v8.1.2.9 
File Size: 25.3 MB 
Rating: 4.0

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