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PureBasic is   a programming languageThe top level is 32-bit and 64-bit programming languages, and the basic language family is (QBasic, Visual Basic). One of the features of this language is the compatibility of the software, as well as the availability of software based on Windows, Linux and Macintosh, which distinguishes this language from other languages to a large extent. Since this programming language is very close to the language and rules of the English language, this language is called high level, and in this regard it can be compiled with all the compilers of the BASIC family. The programmers of this language have tried to design this language so that beginners and professionals can easily program it. This language, despite the simplicity of the work of the beginner, has also been popular among professionals as well as options such as pointers, structures, and methods for dynamizing this language.

Key Features of the PureBasic Software :
– A huge collection of internal commands that has made over 1100 commands that greatly simplify programming for gaming and software
– has an optimized and fast compiler
– without the provision of external DLLs that trigger Better compiled sources
– Supports modern programming and world-day
– Easy access to the internal APIs of the operating system
– Easy to build two-dimensional and 3D games using Directx
– Programming capability with optimal use Hardware, by programs written by it
– Has a consistent source and based on Windows operating systems Linux and Macs
– Professional and professional editor
– Professional and powerful debugger with source code tracking capabilities.



Free 32-bit version with direct links – 27.6 MB download 64-bit direct link – 34.7 MB


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