Acoustica CD DVD Label Maker v3.32 – Label design software for compact discs

Each of us will surely have seen plots that have been implicated in compact discs, such as CDs, DVDs, or in general a variety of CD-ROMs. Plans labeled and placed on compact discs for various reasons. Of course, each of these labels is in a variety of ways, a type that is completely hacked onto compact discs and is in fact part of a compact disc, and the other type is affixed as a sticker on compact discs. Companies Soft, commercial, promotional, and so on, use these types of labels to introduce their products to a large extent and to prevent them from copying excessively. Acoustica CD DVD Label MakerThe name is a powerful software designed for designing and printing labels. This software that comes with LightScribe technology, which is found on a variety of today’s laptops, is perfectly compatible. This cool feature allows home users to hack custom designs on a variety of compact discs.
The existence of a variety of ready-made designs along with support for a variety of standards for sizes is two important features that should be given special attention. Of course, you can also use various types of objects, such as pictures, text, shapes, and more. Supports Video DVD / Heads, as well as the ability to store the output in a variety of formats, and of course, Asian fonts, among other features of the Acoustica CD DVD Label Maker.

Key Features of Acoustica CD DVD Label Maker:
– Ability to use photos, text, shapes and … In the design of labels
– Support for all printers, especially printers specially designed for printing on CDs
– Use of photo in various image formats for design and construction
– Ability to put various text effects on labels
– Automatically prepares your printer for printing on a CD
– Various templates in the program to help beginner designers
– Can be used on paper or directly on the C print CD check
– support of 99% of CD DVD in the market
– a magical tool (Wizard) for easy design
– design ready for printing on the CD
– Support for Asian fonts
– there are a variety of projects ready
– supports a variety of standards
– Ability to store in different formats
– Wizard in many parts of the software
– Support for DVD frame
– Support for Video DVD / Chapter



with direct link – 21.71 megabytes




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