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Do you intend to print a business card for your business! Do not like the design of others for your business card. You do not know enough to work with heavy graphic programs like Photoshop! So hold on! Design your own card with your Business Card Designer application. With 1000s, this program will give your model a simple layout. You just need to give your work information and logo and other things to the program so that the program automatically designates your card with its own techniques. The size of the program it gives is one of the best features. Possibility to print a business card in 2 ways and other capabilities that you understand yourself. There is no need to be professional as it is very easy to work with software.

Key Features of Business Card Designer Software:
– Use of various effects such as: Crop, mirror, flip, rotate, negative, noise, gamma, etc.
– Supports card printing operations individually in case of printer
– Use more than 150 ready-made templates and graphics in card design and
– the photos you want on templates
– the ability to design and change wallpaper cards
– model selection and card design of existing designs
– ability to design cards in different sizes
– ability to print the card until 1000 cards
– choose a standard size cards
– Printer settings for quality prints
– the possibility of combining colors
– dynamic and simple environment
– creation of logo The clipart
– printed card with the highest quality



software download direct link – 12.4 MB




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