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Adobe Director software is a powerful tool for creating multimedia applications that can easily create educational software, games, prototypes of commercial software, simulators, multi-media CDs Media and … will be. One of the things to note is that the output of this software is very flexible and can be used in various fields, such as Web-based applications or for use on Windows and Mac, as well as CDs and DVDs.
This software easily supports most of the audio and video formats and can be used without any need to enter these formats into the software environment. Also, the capabilities of this software are beautiful and beautiful effects for applying to images. And in this version of the software supports 3D rendering. The Macromedia Director, now part of Adobe’s family, is one of the oldest multimedia software development software that is largely similar to the Flash program. Flash is further developed to build web-based software and Director for multimedia presentations on CDs. However, Web directories can be created and vice versa. The software architecture is the first version of the Director with the Adobe Branding 11, which includes DirectX 9 for the 3D engine and the UNICODE standard for support in all languages of the world including Persian and …
Also, 3D capabilities based on the NVIDIA PhysX engine and photo filters, video development and support for extremely large formats of more than 40 formats and efficiently from the photos and audio formats of the features of this version. Version 11.5 This app features 5.1-channel 5.1 surround sound surround sound and audio effects Real-time mixing of sounds, ie the presence of various simultaneous sounds without interference and DSP filters, as well as integration with H.264-video for full video. High-Definition HD High Definition Video Player. Powerful support for 3D viewing with a rich 3D environment with physical gravity, non-elastic encounters, speed and some of the forces of nature, and … for the support of NVIDIA PhysX. Support for Adobe Flash powerful software and Flash-powered video. Enjoy powerful scripting environments including the full JavaScript and Lingo dictionary, as well as the presence of the Script-Sensitive functionality that provides Click-and-Script capability. Image effects like Blur, Drop Shadow, Glow, etc. You can access them via an interface or with scripting. And also with this version you can submit your projects in the versions of this app. This version includes the ability to publish to the web with Adobe Shockwave Player. To view web pages and applications, this application requires the Shockwave Player plugin.

Key Features of Adobe Director:
– A powerful tool for creating educational software, games, prototypes of commercial software, simulators, multimedia CDs, etc.
– Supports more than 40 different formats Audio and video
– Unicode support
– Upgrade codec environment with full JavaScript support
– Beautiful filters for applying to images
– Full support and interaction with the adobe flash cs3 application
– Ability to use text effects like smooth, crisp
– capability Build projects to run on Mac OS or Windows with just one click
– Support for AGEIA PhysX to build realistic models for Games and Simulators



software download direct link – 128 MB


Installation guide

– After downloading the program by WinRar , remove the files from the compressed state. 
– Before installing the software, disconnect your internet connection and then install the software. 
– Run Keygen.exe from the Keymaker folder and click on the Generate button. Then execute the application and use the serial received from Keygen and the desired name and email of the register. 
– Run the software and use it without limitation.


Manufacturer: Adobe – 
English name: Adobe Director 
Price: $ 999 (for information only!) 
Version: v12.0 
File Size: 128 MB 

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