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We do not know where to start from where to start, which is worthy of this software, which you are going to get familiar with the dear users, though, of course, most of you are familiar with this powerful tool and maybe Waiting for this software to take advantage of this new release and the features that are intended for you and display your creativity in editing images. Perhaps what we know about this software and the possibilities that it finds to be zero compared to professional users familiar with this software. The things that this tool can do is change the viewer’s perspective by 360 degrees. But what is the name of the software? Probably most of you have noticed that this tool is called Adobe Photoshop .
The most comprehensive software that can be used in the field of image editors is a super-complete and, of course, extremely expensive tool, which is the most popular tool ever to be released worldwide, if not the most famous software. Now that more than 20 years have passed since the release of this software, Adobe has put together a series of features and experiences gathered over the years to make the new version of Photoshop more complete than ever before. The features that this tool holds from the past to the present are subject to numerous changes, and the features of the original versions with the latest version are not at all comparable. Professional editing images that support almost all formats include two main parts of this tool: there are almost all the necessary editing features, a variety of brushes and filters for editing images, the ultimate in storage quality, the ability to edit pixels Pixel images, the ability to edit high volume images at very large sizes, and easy to use from various software sections alongside attractive interfaces are the most important features that are featured in Adobe Photoshop. The Photoshop Image Processor can finally display the user’s art to the visitor. The powerful and complete connection of Adobe Photoshop with other software from Adobe has made it the first choice for Photoshop users. Optimizing the user interface and faster downloading of the software than the previous version, as well as rendering faster bulky images are among the most interesting features that are clearly visible in the new version. Of course, these changes in the new version are much more than the ones mentioned, but they are good for the professional users who can sense these extensive and useful changes. Spreadsheet colors, use the Tab Browsing feature to select and move more quickly between photos, different application forms, use of the latest technologies and formats for editing images, adding new features for vector drawings. And the map is the other sections that are featured in Adobe Photoshop. Several features for web design and graphics used on websites, attractive 3D designs, various designs for use on videos, as well as interactive tutorials, are some of the features that are more relevant than previous releases. have became. The new version also has a special compatibility with graphics card processors, the GPUs, which, in addition to better performance of the software, will allow faster operation of the various departments and storage. The 12th edition of Photoshop software is now available to you by dear users; you can easily download it from easy-to-download servers and take the ultimate pleasure from your edited images.

Key Features of Adobe Photoshop CC:
– A Quite Extremely Simple Environment With Extremely High Attraction
– Supports Almost All Existing Image Formats
– Using Extremely High and Low Resolution HDRs –
3D Image Designing – An Animation
Design The new version is fully added
– Color display with different criteria
– Color separation simply
– Multi-color combination to get the desired color
– Effects, filters, super-beautiful brushes and many more
– Zoom capability Extremely high resolution images
– Compatibility with other Adobe software such as Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Illustrator, A dobe Encore DVD and …
– Make menus for DVD movie quality
– Multi-layered images for professional changes
– Full features for applying changes to the image, such as rotate, zoom, resize, change colors, etc.
– Full compatibility with Lightroom
– Powerful connectivity with Photoshop between the computer and Digital devices
– Ability to change videos to frame in no frame with the slightest changes in quality
– Ultimate in the quality of the pages
– The ability to rotate the images in 360 degrees
– Change the angle of the light of the images in a simple and completely customized way
– Superb useful functionality Tab Browsing Which quickly helps professionals
– Compatible with Adobe Acrobat and the popular PDF file format
. Keeping images with automatic color change
– Easier menus management
– New and interesting features for online use
– Layer speed using better compatibility with graphics processors
– Optimized for 64 bit versions for faster processing
– Easier management of multimedia files
– Automatic lens for images
– Easier selection of the desired part of the image
– New and interesting effects including illuminated effects in designs
– Possibility to rotate part of the images without disrupting the whole picture
– Support for Persian sweet language



download software 32-bit version with direct links – 701 MB download software 64-bit version with direct links – 764 MB



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