Download Alligator Flash Designer v8.0.18 – Animated Flash Design Software


The Alligator Flash Designer is a vector based tool that can create fully interactive animations; it’s a very complete and rich software package that can persuade anyone to use the software. Over 130 effects have been put together to create a beautiful flash using the images, shapes, texts, and other objects to easily and without knowing any particular programming language.
The tool is designed to deliver large amounts of work on the output, due to its low volume, but the only thing that is needed to use this tool is a bit of a bored and, of course, tastes that depend on the art of the user. Full compatibility with SWF, which is the most popular output among flash devices, is one of the most important things that are defined in this tool. This tool is also very useful for web designers who have a particular interest in flash because it can produce fully interactive flash drives and perform optimization that has a very high loading speed when loading on the Internet. Alligator Flash Designer is one of the best choices for designing a variety of banner ads, multi-minute flash files, web sites, and more. The use of this tool does not cost, and just by downloading 6 MB each user can be a flash designer.

Key features of Alligator Flash Designer:
– Build slideshows, menu for websites, short and long animations and more …
– Existence of over 130 effects models for the most beautiful output
– Ability to use a variety of objects in the software
– Ability to insert video in flash
– Full compatibility with SWF
– Fully flashed design capabilities
– No need for coding in designs



download free with direct link – 6.17 MB | Help link



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