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Using image editing software always requires a lot of learning and practice. Of course, this is not the same in all software applications, but it requires professional software and, of course, more precision. Looking for professional software to be full of features will surely bring a large amount of them with them. Sometimes, for simple editing, you do not need to use a full and large volume software, and a lightweight and lightweight software can easily meet the needs. Software called Batch PhotoA very lightweight tool that can help users easily edit their images with its simple yet useful features. Convert, resize, put simple but beautiful effects, change the color gradient and rename thousands of images as a part of the capabilities of this software. A very simple user interface is one of the most important features of this software. Batch Photo Pro is also able to retrieve most commonly used image formats and implement all edits on them. Low volume compared to other features that users should know in the description of this software. 

Key features of the BatchPhoto software:
– Ultra-simple, low-volume environment 
– Ability to resize, shape, cut, rotate and edit images 
– Compatibility and support for common types of formats
– Add watermark as text and image to images 
– Ability to convert raw files from digital cameras 
– Add original information such as date and time, and automatically. 
– Adjustable brightness, contrast and noise reduction. Images 
– Ability to resize images and add time, date, and watermarks to images 
– Ability to convert formats to one another more than 130 video formats 
– Ability to apply beautiful effects, including black, white, brown, wooden layout, shading images
– Possibility of accurate preview of images simultaneously for original and edited file 
– Rename thousands of t One-on-one slick 



software download direct link – 33.7 MB



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