Download Bix’s Photo Book v3.3.0 – 3D digital photo album software


Outerspace has come up with something interesting and promising software that has been welcomed by all review sites, and each has provided awards to this software. Bix \ ‘s Photo Book is an interesting 3D animation application that allows you to use dynamic shadows and lights in your work. This software allows you to take your photos as an output video to use for DVDs, computer displays, podcasts, or websites.
Because the software works in 3D mode and has camera orientation, and it’s rotating and zooming, and you can easily view this photo book in any direction, it’s a popularity among users and enthusiasts. By pressing the Space key, this software can display the next pages for you. This software can completely privatize your work, which means you can easily specify the background of the photos, the color of the pages, the structure and texture of the pages, the brightness of the photos, the brightness of the pages, the direction of the camera and the direction of light, and customize it. change it.

Key features of the Bix \ ‘s Photo Book application:
– Shadow and create effects as you wish
– Invisibility and fading
– Predefined
structure and textures for pages – Predefined structure and textures Cover
– Create 3D albums from images in the form of a book
– Quickly load all images from the desired folder
– Ability to tone and clear album pages
– Change the texture and texture of the pages and the cover of the book
– Ability to apply various effects and effects to the images
– Ability to set the display time for screenshots (speed sheet editing)
– Provide output in the format of AVI video format



software download direct link – 1.9 MB



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