Download Box Shot 3D v2.13.3 – Design and manufacture of 3D boxes


The software and products that are introduced on the Internet and packaged in packets are boxed. Also, most websites that introduce their software show a packet of a software by putting a picture of their software box. You can see a large number of these boxes in the introduction of the site. Usually, the software that has the box is more valid and each box represents the quality of the software. Perhaps you also want to make Box for your product. Most photo-made boxes are made using Photoshop software. To do this, you should almost be at the level of a professional user using the Photoshop program. 3D Box ShotThe software is capable of making 3D boxes. The software features features such as box rotation, shadow placement, glossy and mirrored backgrounds, and … An attractive image of your product in the form of a box. Your capability to enter the photos you want to create the box and put them at different angles of your box. Put the desired effects on the box with the help of the software and your entire BOX is ready.

Key Features of the Box Shot 3D application:
– Compatible with the various graphics cards in order to highlight the quality of the images
– Easy to use with high capabilities
– Can create high quality images (4000 * 4000 pixels)
– Several ready-made boxes for making boxes
– Ability to create shadow, mirrored background
– Ability to rotate the BOX photo at any angle
– High ability to draw boxes in three dimensional
– High speed rendering of images at the end of work
– Ability to design books as virtual images – Ability to incorporate
light reflection effects on the image
– Ability to render the image box without a background image Optional option
– Image quality control with various settings



software download direct link – 9.4 MB



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