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Many users who work at least half-professional with their PCs are able to edit their images and videos. This category of users, based on their familiarity with video and video editing software, will edit their images and videos as they please. There are many software tools that users can easily use on their PC to use their personal work and easy to use.
Of course, there are several software packages that combine several effective software from a company so that users can easily take advantage of all of them. One of the powerful software packages from Corel Software, which includes five powerful multimedia software for playing videos, editing images and editing videos, and also being able to burn CDs. Corel Digital Studio .
This very powerful software package, which includes four PaintShop Photo Express 2010, VideoStudio Express 2010, DVD Factory 2010 and WinDVD 2010, also brings together all the necessary features so users can use a bundle to answer all Use your wishes.
Each of these software packages are packed with many features, each of which can play an important role in choosing even the software individually. Support for virtually all existing multimedia formats, whether in the form of, or in the image or in video, is the first and most important feature of all the software available on this Corel Digital Studio. The 2010 version of the bundle also has the latest Corel technology. Extremely high quality movie display, burning of all types of DVD movies using the software in the field of editing and making DVD movies, editing images using the super efficient features of the most powerful Corel Digital Studio bundle capabilities. 2010 are considered.

Key features of Corel Digital Studio software package:
– Four complete software for full multimedia file management
– Playback of all types of audio and video formats with the best possible quality
– Possibility to create DVDs from videos with the menu
– Support for Different formats of audio, images and video
– Professional editing of pictures using PaintShop Photo Express 2010 software
– Possibility to create slideshows from images
– Share multimedia files on sites such as Flickr, Youtube, etc.
– Ritt Disc Compressed
Media in Different Types for Playback on a variety of Home Player – Support for a variety of technologies available in file management Multimedia
– An awesome user interface for all software



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