Download CorelDRAW Graphics Suite v20.1.0.708 – Corel Draw Vector Designer


After a relatively long period of more than 1 year, Corel has finally come up with the latest version of the Corel Draw vector design software for users to use. The most famous software that can be mentioned in this field is CorelDRAW Graphics SuiteIn addition to the previous features, Corel’s new product offers new and unique capabilities for professional designers to take on two-dimensional design. One of the most exciting and unique features of Corel is its popularity. Vector is the base, that is, if the user prepares a design, for example, its dimensions are 50 centimeters in 50 centimeters, you can increase its size to 50 meters in 50 meters, without the slightest drop in quality, or At the bottom of the pixels, the smallest change is that all of the professional users have their first software option always Corel Dra w put. Designed for high precision design, this software is very suitable and the design of complex shapes and drawings is easy to use because of a variety of applications. In the design market, Corel Draw has many uses; the design of a variety of banners, different logos, layout, chip cutters, catalog design and business cards are among the things that are being done in the graphics design market. Extremely high print quality and high quality image quality Unlike photos that are edited in Photoshop, the high-profile features of this powerful and powerful product are considered. Co-ordination with other photo editing software and two-dimensional and three-dimensional design is also something that professional users should pay special attention to. There are thousands of standard fonts with support for different languages, allowing users to type in texts. The X7 has many new features, each of which can quickly help the user and improve the quality of the output.

Key features of the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite software:
– Two-dimensional design in vector form
– High-quality design and the ability to print designs of any size
– Compatibility with different languages in typing texts
– New color management system
– New overall management Software
– New features for web design and animation
– Rapid upload and run faster
– Additional features for digital design
– Separate software for web design
– Use of new and highly innovative forms
– Existence of over 10,000 digital images and designs Ready
– Ability to use the full library of software for images, shapes and … in different fields
– new structure in Page Gridings and Designs
– Support for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems individually
– Increase the performance of different software sections
– Compatible with various versions of Microsoft Windows operating system



download software 32-bit version with direct links – 1.1 GB download software 64-bit version with direct links – 708 MB



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