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Photo editing and retouching are one of the most important processes for users who are beautifully looking at photography. Some believe that the photo must remain as a document without alteration, but photos taken as personal photos and memorabilia must be beautiful and the flaws or self-image will be lost. For example, stomach and eyelid, skin and toothache, and wrinkle removal can overwhelm other beauties. There are other reasons that can be different for everyone, but they all come to the point that using software can eliminate defects in the image and, most importantly, eliminate the faces of the people. The easy-to-use, easy-to-use group, which is now introducing makeup software and editing faces in the photo, is now planning to introduce another software from Two Pilots. Cosmetic GuideA special software for retouching the faces of people in the photo. This software has several different tools that can help you retouch and edit faces. Easy downloading will further illustrate the tools available in this software. A tool called Skin Care, which helps you easily eliminate wrinkles and puffiness, and, in a word, make your face younger. The next is Emphasis, which can be very useful. Using the Emphasis tool, you can focus more on a person’s face and give it more effect. For example, make your eyes look more beautiful and more specific. The Smart Patch is another utility that you can use to eliminate the symptoms of moles and eyebrows on the face. All the process mentioned is very easy and fast. Bleach Teeth Another name in the Cosmetic Guide is the Bleach Teeth. In fact, as the name implies, it is used to whiten the teeth in the photo. Using it, you can thoroughly blend your teeth in the photo, and you can also use it to whiten the white. Eyes also benefit. The latest software tool is very interesting and is named Liquify. With this tool you can use nasal plastic surgery and muscle strengthening as well as obesity! Plastic surgery such as changing the nose and enlarging the eyes, and shrinking the lips and eyes … and strengthening the muscles, such as muscle highlighting, can be done by the tools listed. Other side tools, such as writing a text on a photo, resizing a photo, cutting a photo And the fading tool in the software, and along with adjusting the contrast and brightness of the photo, you can have all the tools you need for face retouching.

The key features of the Cosmetic Guide software are:
– Big and small nose and mouth
cavity – Abdominal cramps and muscle strengthening with existing tools
– Ability to remove wrinkles as easily as possible
– Possibly whiten teeth and whiten whiteness of the eye
– And lunar eclipse on the face
– the ability to display more important parts of the face like the eye
– translated text by the team of A.Snan
– the ability to adjust the contrast and brightness of the photo
– has side tools for writing text, resizing and cropping the photo
– Equipped with Learning every tool at the beginning of the software
– Ability to remove puff under the eyes
– Easy to work with the software and the proper graphical interface



software download direct link – 4.41 MB



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