Download CutList Plus fx v12.5.3 Platinum Edition – The best cut sheet cutting software with minimal distortion


To save on raw materials when cutting parts and sheets, you need to have a powerful software on your systems in the first step to make all the cut to the optimal, and ultimately, the smallest amount of waste and the least waste of capital generated. To be As you know, the increase in discarded materials can sometimes lead to losses and even bankruptcy of a workshop or factory, so in order to prevent the growth of such a far- sophisticated software, CutList Plus fxAllows you to make more precise and more incisive slices. By fixing cutting lines more accurately and more effectively, this software helps you to reduce significantly the amount of unprofitable losses in your production. CutList Plus fx designs are applicable to all surfaces, including metal, glass, stone, cloth, plastic and other shearable materials. You can also set the measurement scales in the program as either a metric system (SI) or as an English system. Another thing that can be said about this software is that, in addition to saving your materials and materials, you save time in one of the most important parts in the production, and show with a double shot. .

Key features of CutList Plus fx:
– Saving raw materials and time
– Saving money loss
– Popular in more than 100 countries in the world
– Customizable on the SI and English system
– Applicable on all removable materials
– Easy and fast use
– Compatible with various versions of Microsoft Windows operating system



Direct Link Software – 13.2 MB

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