Download CyberLink MakeupDirector v2.0.2817 – The most powerful makeup and makeup application


If you are looking for a perfect app for makeup and hairdressing, do not doubt that MakeupDirectorThe best choice is to create a great masterpiece. With a wide range of tools, as well as a variety of cosmetics and palettes, this software will allow you to get an excellent output by entering your faces image and performing all the necessary routine edits. . With your creative mind, you can change features such as facial lines, eye color, skin color, face scratches like waxes, hair condition and hair color, and all other varied facial features. To make your work easier, the MakeupDirector is a powerful and perfect tool for detecting facial expressions so you can save a little while editing an image. This face editing program can be very useful for people like gravimbers, professional hairdressers, photographers and studios, as well as the customer’s preferred model can be customized according to her wishes and preferences, and a prototype will be delivered to her. Gave For training beginner users, samples and samples are also included in this software so that they can build a skilled master yourself.

The key features of the MakeupDirector software include:
– A true makeup kit featuring a massive collection of cosmetic colors and styles for the face, eyes, lips, cheeks, eyebrows, eyebrows, …
– All cosmetic tools and all kinds of hair dye And ready-made samples for ease of work
– Various style styles and various palettes
– Support for high-resolution images and output from various makeup and quality
– Presence of ready-to
-use images – Support for high-resolution images and auto-detection Exact Facial
Complexes – Has a complete set of editing and popping tools
– The most powerful software for making and editing professional images
– Ability to automatically retouch images and create attractive effects on images
– Suitable for relevant occupations like hairdressing, makeup and …
– Smile and whitening of teeth
– Ability to share images made with your friends
– Remove skin problems and scratches
– Red-eye control



download software 64-bit version Deluxe v2.0.2817 direct link – 342 MB download software 64-bit version Ultra v2.0.1516.62005 direct link – 218 MB



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