Download Delcam PowerShape 2014 – Design and molding software


The design of the template for industrial production is nowadays considered one of the world’s most proficient fields, and many designers for manufacturing factories use different software in this field to design and produce the best devices and templates. . Delcam PowerShape is thename of a software program that helps designers make the best possible design of solids with various features.
The capabilities of this software are such that it can be used as a rival to Catia, ProEngineer, Solidwork. Design and modeling is done professionally and comes with an attractive graphical interface that provides users with the simplicity of all the options and options, including features that are clearly visible in this software.

Key features of the Delcam PowerShape software:
– Simple but efficient software interface – Compatibility with
popular software in solid design
– All the necessary facilities for designing
– Professional design templates
– Modeling and processing outputs of the desired quality



software download direct link – 415.51 MB


required system

– Windows XP / XP 64 bit / Vista / Vista 64 bit / 7/7 64 bit / 2003/2008 
– Pentium or Athlon processor 
– 1Gb of RAM 
– 128MB (or higher) nVIDIA Quadro graphics card


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