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Be sure to surf the internet with a lot of banner ads and you’ve already thought how these banners are designed, almost all of them are flash and animated. These banners, most of which are promotional, are designed by managers and designers using a variety of software. The most important software, which is also very famous, is Adobe Flash. A very powerful tool that is super professional, but the use of flash is not anyone’s job, and only professionals can use it. Easy Web Animator The name of the software is very simple but at the same time efficient.
The software, as its name implies, is a tool for designing web animations. For those who find it difficult to use Flash, Easy Web Animator can be the best choice because it is designed for designing web animations. Using this software does not require any kind of training, and only the taste and purpose is important to help the user design the most beautiful advertising banners. No scripting is required and should only be selected from several beautiful and multiple effects. Even the use of the keyboard is not much needed, and only the mouse can create the most beautiful banners. Several ready-made projects are included in the software so that the user chooses from among them the best for his or her goal. The type of motion and the periods of images, text, and all objects are all prepared in the software. In the case of output, you can simply copy the code generated by the software itself on the website and enjoy the beautiful animated display. The main output of the program as a SWF is the very popular format known throughout the Web.

Key Features of Easy Web Animator:
– Extremely easy to use without even word-of-word encryption
– Ability to create digital albums in the form of a Wizard
– Pretty beautiful designs
– Multiple effects Very beautiful
– Output animations as SWF
– Ability to output as HTML
– Ability to open flash files in FLV format
– Ability to set page size



with direct link – 71.68 megabytes



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