Download EZ Schematics v5.1.56 – Electrical circuit design software


The software we introduce in this article may not be suitable for all users, but for many engineering disciplines, it can play the role of a simple design tool. This tool, called EZ Schematics , is a professional software for electronic design and electrical circuits; this tool, which holds almost all of its components and symbols, can be integrated into a circuit Draw an accurate electric.
All symbols such as diodes, resistors, capacitors, etc. are designed in software so that the user can easily use them and, of course, can choose different models of them; The communication between the components can only be traced by moving the mouse, and the EZ Schematics software, which is only about 3.5 MB in size, can be easily installed and executed.

Key features of the EZ Schematics software :
– All electronic components to draw up
– Ease of use of the software
– Switch between different circuits
– Multiple types of electronic components
– Ability to plot and connect the same node
– Additional functionality Setting the value for each component
– Very easy to use software and lower volume



download free with direct link – 3.32 MB | Help link




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