Download Face Off Max v3.8.5.2 – Face and body assembly software with custom images


The software you are going to be familiar with in this article may not be as functional as it should be, and it’s most fun, but the slightest aspect of the application can also stimulate any user to get this software. Face off maxThe name of the software that simply assembles different images of the faces on the bodies as you see fit, imagine that your facial images will be placed on the body of an athlete, it will be very exciting when you face your face with a new body See. It’s easy to use and easy to use, and even novice users can easily enjoy the full range of photo editing. Perhaps if you want to do the same thing with software such as Photoshop, it’s time-consuming and, of course, different tutorials are needed. Max Face Off Max comes with a variety of formats and can support different formats for storage, image quality and other features that are available at the time of installation, which can help users to easily change their images and edit them. .

The key features of the Max Face Off Max software are:
– Simple and easy to use software
– Supports most common formats
– Possibility to store formatted and custom quality
– Attractive user interface
– Possibility to assemble photo faces on others’ bodies
– There are a variety of Ready designs
– Ability to share online assembled images



software download direct link – 22.2 MB



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