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The images taken by digital cameras from people’s faces, in the same high quality, may have several minor issues that reduce the beauty of your image, such as the precise view of wrinkles and skin riddles, dimples and black under the eyes. , Red-eye color due to flash, reflection and the effect of flash light on the face of the face and … What are the disadvantages of this image? Looking for great image editing software like Photoshop and Corel? FaceFilter StudioThe name of the software is a product of Reallusion company, which allows you to retouch, make up and make facial expressions in a professional and custom environment. It has a variety of tools such as cosmetics (makeup, pencil and shadow) and other beauties such as dental bleach and … An anti-aging tool, the lowering of age by removing wrinkles in the face and the eyes, Tools for reducing redness, adjusting and improving skin color, reducing the amount of shadow on the face, changing the color of the skin (to some extent tanning or whitening, etc.), hiding the pimples and facials, changing facial expressions (for example Friction of the lips becomes a smile), and … You can even create funny pictures with this software and donate your friends (as a cartoon character of the person)
Easy to work with this software and the four steps to make changes to the images are other features of this powerful product.

The latest changes made in this release include:
– Significant improvements in intelligent and intelligent auto color adjustments that intelligently and intelligently detect the human face and repair all the minor bugs and provide a beautiful and beautiful image. Delivered to you
– Clever and powerful red-eye removal due to flash cameras
– Excellent printing with one-click quality images
– Supports retouching and editing of high quality images even at resolutions up to 12 megapixels!
– Support for Windows 7 

Key Features of FaceFilter Studio:
– Effort to make the resulting image images as natural as possible
– Delete or modify bad faces
– Open or close eyes
– Adjustment of obesity or facial shrinkage
– Prepare and clean facial details
– Use of modern technologies to make beauty and skin defects
– Change or adjust skin color naturally
– Hide bugs
Facials such as mites, boils, wounds, and so on …. – Removing any scars and facial incontinence in the face
– Reducing the black and white under the eyes in the pictures
– Clever and powerful image correction
– Automatically and intelligently detect color and skin type. And make the necessary changes for the more beautiful and natural, and
improve it – Improve the balance and adjust the face color with a click
– Reduce eye damage caused by the flash only One click in a natural way
– makeup and make changes in facial makeup
– Simplicity and power of software in editing face images in only 5 stages



Download with direct link – 275 MB



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