Download FaceGen Modeler v3.5.3 – People design and facsimile software


FaceGen Modeler is a highly value-priced software with stunning features to create face-to-face image. Undoubtedly, it has come to you that when you see a picture of a person intending to design a face or making a face it should have or intention to identify the face of a criminal or a certain person. Certainly ask professional professionals in this field to ask for help in the first soft speech The softwareFaceGen Modeler will be offered to you because the features of this software will definitely not be seen in any software. One of the features of this software is the design, except for all the facial style and the ability to enlarge the facial features, and the overall color change and the face of the face. One of the features that distinguishes this software from other similar tools is the 3D design of the face so that you can rotate the head and face and edit point to point. Another great feature of this software is the ability to present the image to the software, then edit its head and face so that you can easily create wrinkles at sensitive points and change the color … and make a general change. Or a partial image. This software has a strong bank from the details of the face, such as hair and skin, eyes and nose and ear and skin color and …

Key features of the FaceGen Modeler software :
– Ability to increase and decrease the age 
– Minor and overall change in face and face 
– 3D design and 3D view 
capability – Imports photo to software for editing 
– Ability to receive output with soft extensions Three-dimensional design tools like Maya and Terry Dix and … 
– Powerful and pre-made database of head and face components 



Download with direct link – 1.5 GB


required system

– Pentium III (or Athlon) or higher is recommended



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