Download Flash Optimizer v2.0.1.340 – Software to optimize and reduce flash file size


Many people believe that the use of flash and its components on a website may not be correct. Of course, it’s not because there’s a problem in the same way for the site, but because it’s not so common to use the flash that dramatically reduces loading and loading pages.
At the same time, the speed of loading the page will be greatly reduced by the speed of the Internet. On the other hand, it’s wise to use them because they can be very beautiful and attract users. These flash-drives, which are completely dynamic, are so beautiful and eye-catching that they would certainly use all the sites if they did not affect the speed. However, nowadays, many companies and companies that do not care much about page loading speed use Flash to design their site. Those familiar with Flash know how much time it takes to make a swf flash file, and if you want the best quality, the amount of flash is too high that the use of the website will make it almost impossible for the site to pop up. Of course, it’s impossible for those with moderate to moderate pace. But what is the remedy?
The solution is to use the software called Flash Optimizer . Software that utilizes the technologies used in it can be a webmaster handles, directors, professional flash designers, and almost anyone involved with flash software such as Adobe Flash Professional. The work of this software is to reduce the swf file size by between 60% and 70%. This might not be great for ordinary users, but for high-end users who deal with a lot of flashes, this number is very high.
There are other software in the field, but the capabilities that this software provides users makes it separate from the rest. Similar software is often able to only reduce the size of the original SWF file, but the Flash Optimizer can compress all of the objects used in Flash in addition to the original file.
The Flash Optimizer compresses two forms of flash: one that can manually control the quality and compression, and the other, the software itself compresses the files automatically, without the quality of the flash with the smallest A drop in quality. The new version of the software, which is ELTIMA’s product, has recently been launched and users can download it directly and download easy-to-download from just a few simple clicks.

Key Features of Flash Optimizer:
– Reduces Flash SWF from 60% to 70%
– Decreases flash volume without the slightest drop in quality
– Ability to manually compress compression
– Vector
– Bug optimization – Optimize fonts to work Gone in Flash
– Optimize sounds
– Optimize null Objects
– Optimization of video in Flash
– Very easy and simple use of software
– Easily configured in advanced
format – View compressed file with original file for quality comparison function
– High speed compression operation
– Support for different languages
– Ability to compress multiple files simultaneously



Download with direct link – 13.24 megabytes




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